Kynseed is one of the most interesting life sim style games to appear in the last couple of years. Created by former employees of Lionhead Studios and the folks behind the Fable games, even at this early stage you can tell a lot of love has gone into this game.

How to Download Kynseed

Kynseed is available for download from and Steam. To start downloading the game, click on the Download link below. You will find it at the end of the review.

The Game Review

Kynseed has a very interesting premise. At first glance, this downloadable title may seem like another Stardew Valley-style game and to be honest with you it does have a lot in common with Stardew Valley. The idea of the game is that you live your life the way you want. You will need to have a job, this can be running your own store, working as a blacksmith or even the local tavern. You can work on your farm, go on quests and interact with the other people in your town.

There is also a dark fairytale world that you can find and have some fun with, which sounds like a very interesting premise. One of the main things though that has gotten people very interested in this game is the idea that you actually die. The thing is when you die it is not game over. One of the things that make Kynseed very interesting is that when you die, your child will take over the family business, and the farm and inherit all the items, abilities, and anything else you have collected.

This gives Kynseed much more of a connection to the player and when the folks at PixelCount Studios get all of what they want into this game, it is going to be something very special indeed. If you make a real connection to one of your characters then it is certainly going to be hard to let them go.

One thing that has to be addressed is the sense of humor that Kynseed has. There will be things that you read in the game that will legit make you laugh out loud. These types of moments give the game a lot of heart and once again help you connect to the characters and also the world that you are in.

So far everything is shaping up really well. However, Kynseed is still deep in development and it is in early access right now. So there is not exactly a ton of content in the game right now. They are adding things on a fairly regular basis, but this is not quite yet the full image of their vision.

Still, there is enough here to make Kynseed worth playing. The only thing that really needs some work is the way that the day and night cycle works. It happens way too quickly and that is really the only negative that Kynseed has going for it right now.

Kynseed is a role-playing game that lets you live in a fantasy world and do pretty much what you want. Download it and take control of your life.
9 Total Score
Kynseed Review Summary

If you loved Stardew Valley and have been looking for a game that is going to offer that similar kind of gaming experience, Kynseed is really going to appeal to you. The way the game continues through your children is very interesting and something that works incredibly well.

  • The inheritance system is very interesting
  • The 2D sprites are full of charm and personality
  • The writing is very witty and amusing
  • Great if you like games like Stardew Valley
  • You will feel a real connection to certain characters
  • Still in early access so not a ton of content
  • Day and night cycle is too quick
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
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