Legends of Aria

Legends of Aria is still in the early-access phase of things, yet already there is a great deal to admire about this charming MMORPG. Where it truly shines is in the creativity department and the extensive range of crafting options available to the player.

This fresh and flexible approach to world-building aspects is reminiscent of the style found within old-school MMO’S of the by-gone era. That said, this early access release shows plenty of promise in the early stages. Overall, it’s a welcome sea-change from the norm, that fashions together a fun and rewarding adventure.

How to Download Legends of Aria

The planned release date for Legends of Aria is currently set to Spring, 2019 (and while we are updating this text it the second half of June!), while the game was originally planned to become available on December 4, the previous year. To download the game, click on the link below the review.

The Review: Time to Play God

Above all else, Legends of Aria promotes player freedom and a wealth of choice. Typically, games within the role-playing genre tend to stick to a specific skill mold, and this can be restrictive at times. So then, it is refreshing to play an RPG which allows the player to increase skills by sheer action alone.

For instance, abilities only improve by carrying out that said action. As they say, practice makes perfect. Moreover, honing various skills as you go is, for the most part, an enjoyable pastime.

Your Own World of Legends of Aria

Another vital feature of Legends of Aria is the world creator whereby players set the realm in which they wish to roam. What’s impressive, is the volume of options open to the player. Ultimately, it’s this sense of liberty that pushes the limits of your imagination. Initially, players must choose the type of world, as there are no fixed criteria.

As a result, the player decides on various worldly themes such as a fantasy, magical, steampunk or mythology-based setting as the backdrop. Furthermore, the options to lay down a unique story and set character bios means each creation is personally relevant. Soon enough, you will find yourself emotionally attached to your divine design.

… and Your Home

Also, there is a system which allows the player to build their very own home. Within the games, vast terrains are large swaths of unclaimed land up for grabs. Once, you have found a suitable area on which to build, a fully customizable home editor opens, allowing for the construction of homes. What’s more, these builds are shareable with the game’s healthy online community.

The Game Mechanics

Legends of Aria entails most of the traits found within a regular online role-player. For instance, defeating monsters, engaging in p-v-p duels and collecting rare loot makes up large parts of the game. What’s more, players can explore a large map, which includes beast to slay and dungeons to explore. There is also a host of locales to visit, and bosses to beat.

Also, the crafting system morphs, to complement the nature of each specific world. Meaning, all craftable items differ depending on world genre. To illustrate this point, let’s look at the following examples. Blades and armor are the focal choices of a Medieval setting, while potions and spells are made available in a high-fantasy realm.

Legends of Aria
Legend of Aria is an MMORPG set in a fantasy open world. Download it, choose your path and embark on an adventure.
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Legends of Aria Review Summary

In a nutshell, Legend of Aria is a well-rounded role-playing game, which excels within the aspects of creativity and player choice. Better still, its world creator and crafting system gives hours of enjoyment. On the other hand, the simple, battle-based elements don't do much to help set itself apart from the others. With that in mind, it's still early days, so let's see how it fairs when the full release shows up next year.

  • Extensive world - creator
  • Engaging environments
  • Non-restrictive ability ladder
  • Underwhelming combat
  • Enemy difficulty
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