Lineage II

Lineage II is one of those MMOs that stood the test of time for so many years. It did start very strong, but thanks to player feedback it got even better. The free to play approach suits the game well, and they also release new update packs like the Goddess of Destruction very often. As a result, this makes people come back to the game all the time.

How to Download Lineage II

You can download the game for Windows. To begin simply click on the Download button at the end of the review. If you like the game you should know that a sequel called Lineage Eternal (Project TL) is coming as well.

The Game Review

At its core, Lineage II is a great MMORPG. The game world is massive and it’s split into many expansions. It also has multiple game worlds and each one of them is split into smaller regions. You also have a set of plots called sagas, each saga including its own storylines.

You can have up to seven characters per account, and you can find seven races in the game. These include Humans, Dwarves, Dark Elves, Kamael (winged humanoids created by the Giants), the Ertheia and Orcs. However, these races can be used for whatever class you want, even if there are certain class combinations that will obviously be better than others. The characters inside the game are also customizable, as you can easily purchase clothing and various skins for the characters as well.

Lineage II comes with the regular MMO combat. It’s not as precise as something like TERA Online, it’s a bit stiff but it gets the job done. Plus, each character comes with his own abilities like wings, improved attack speed, magic abilities and so on. It all depends on how you play the game because these abilities can be very good depending on your build.

Lineage II does a tremendous job when it comes to PVE, as you have smaller enemies like goblins, but at the same time, you also have huge monsters like bulls or cyclops. They all add up to offer you lots of opponents. And then you have some of the world bosses that are super huge and very hard to beat. But all these things go to show that Lineage II is a fun game, and it gets better and better each time you play.

PVP is also very good. The best part here is that you really need to have better items. You can become a part of a clan, or you can explore various locations on your own and battle people in solo matches if you want. The game encourages you to play with a clan, but it’s not mandatory, as you can do well even if you play on your own.

Loot drops are particularly important in the game because Lineage II has some of the most interesting drops in MMOs. The visual design is impressive, and the overall quality offered here is unlike anything you have ever seen.

As a whole, Lineage II is the complete package when it comes to MMOs. There’s even a mobile version of the game that was launched recently. And with new expansions coming all the time, it’s clear that Lineage II is full of amazing content for you to peruse!

Lineage II
Lineage II is a Korean fantasy MMORPG from 2003 and surprisingly a prequel to its predecessor Lineage which was released back in 1998. Download the game for free and enjoy the stories told by the Sagas and the chronicles.
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