Low Magic Age

If you have an interest in tactics-based fantasy RPG’s then Low Magic Age is a game that needs to be on your radar. With a very old school kind of look, this is a game that not too many people know about yet. Even though Low Magic Age is currently in early access it really is showing a lot of promise.

How to Download Low Magic Age

You can download Low Magic Age either from Steam or from GOG. To proceed, click on the Download button below this review.

The Game Review

The folks behind Low Magic Age state that the idea of the game is to create a large open world that is all about medieval fantasy. I would say that they have certainly achieved this and it does have a very D&D kind of feel to it in terms of the style. However, the main story is really lacking which is something that I feel needs to be added as the game moves forward in its development.

One of the things that I feel is going to make or break Low Magic Age for you is the combat. This is a turn-based style of combat that is very tactics heavy. You cannot just run into a battle without a plan. Casting random spells, attacking random enemies and not thinking before you act are all recipes for disaster!

This is an RPG so you can expect to do some heavy-duty grinding. The grinding though I felt served two purposes. First of all, it, of course, gets you some sweet XP so that you level up. Also, though grinding will teach you the basics of combat and make you feel more confident as you progress in the game and take on harder enemies.

Currently, there are two game modes in Low Magic Age. There is an Adventure Mode that makes the whole world your playground. This mode really lacks focus, but that is the point. It is there to make you feel like a wandering adventurer. You can go to towns to talk and trade with people as well as get quests and jobs to do.

There are a ton of random dungeons that have all different kinds of styles which is neat. There is a nice selection of different monsters in the game for you to fight. While there is only a handful of classes of monster, each class has many different and cool designs. Speaking of classes, when it comes to creating your own character, they have made this nice and easy to do and it is not too overwhelming like some games can be.

There is also an Arena Mode which is more combat focused. You just go around kicking butt, using magic, powerful weapons and so on. This is all about leveling up and scoring some sweet loot. I can see why some people would get addicted to this mode, especially if they find the combat a lot of fun.

In this early state, Low Magic Age is showing some major potential. I really do like the retro, top-down style that they have gone for. The Adventure Mode allows you to play the game any way you want and I think that is really cool. It may be lacking a little polish, but I have very high hopes for this game as it gets deeper into development.

Low Magic Age
Low Magic Age is an old-school open-world fantasy role-playing game. Download it now and enjoy tactical turn-based combat and a sea of stats.
9.5 Total Score
Low Magic Age Review Summary

  • The retro art style is very well done
  • Adventure mode is massive
  • Lots of places for you to go and explore
  • Combat is very addictive
  • Arena mode is great for those that love the combat
  • There is not a very interesting story running through it just yet
  • Some may find the combat a little too tricky
User Rating: 3 (2 votes)
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