Metin2 is a downloadable Korean computer game which is a representative of the MMORPG genre. You play the game in three separate kingdoms set in a fantasy world inspired by the culture of the Far East. This world was once ruled by the representatives of the great empire who exercised their power in a peaceful fashion and the inhabitants lived in harmony under the rule of wise and just rulers. This idyllic time lasted until a meteor shower dropped from the skies. The once happy world had been bombed by huge stones called metins. They caused chaos and wars between the kingdoms broke out followed by the attacks of wild beasts and monsters. Whenever they came in contact with people they would turn them into the creatures of hell and the air was poisoned by carriers of an unknown disease.

How to Download Metin2

To download Metin2, click on the Download button at the end of this review. The game is free to download. To run the game you must create an account and register. The game can be downloaded from Steam or from Gameforge.

A Guide on How to Play

The object of the game is to counteract the effect of the falling stones, while the players must opt for one side of the conflict. They control heroes who come from different nations and try to get the favor of powerful deities.

The game begins with the creation of the character and the selection of your kingdom. There are three: Chunjo which occupies the western border of the continent, the southern Shinsoo, and the eastern Jinno. The choice is important because each kingdom has a different flavor. Chunjo is ruled by a theocratic power, in Shinsoo people deal with trade, and Jinno has military power.

When it comes to the character, which you will control, a player you can choose the name sex and one of the five character classes.

  • You can be a Warrior, a strong and tough fighter who specializes in offensive or defensive tactics. He is a deadly and efficient killer.
  • Another character, the demonic Sura, has extraordinary abilities that are associated with their diabolic hand (they have devils seed in their arms). Suras use their deadly arm both to improve attacks in melee combat and to increase their already immense black magic power.
  • Lycan is a werewolf, once a man who mutated in the form of a beast. Great in melee combat.
  • Ninja is a professional killer who, depending on the chosen specialization can fight with daggers in close quarters or use the bow.
  • Shaman is a sorcerer and at the same time a healer.

You become increasingly stronger by gaining experience points which are earned for performing tasks and successfully dealing with monsters and wild animals.

But the game is not just about killing. There are many different quests to do, and when you reach a sufficiently high level of experience, the hero has access to stronger and more powerful equipment items. You can create your own party of heroes or join an existing one. You can also buy land on which you can build a house together with fields for growing plants. Near the house, you will be able to build other structures such as an altar or blast furnace, which will allow melting the ore and other resources.

Metin2 is a famous MMORPG straight from Korea. Download it for free today and go beyond the gates of the oriental fantasy world.
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