Revelation Online

Revelation Online is a Chinese MMORPG full of unique adventures and locations for you to visit. As you play, you will be able to explore new modes, enjoy a variety of unique classes and also create new characters as you see fit. The game world is huge, and the primary focus is on exploring a beautiful, large world for you to enjoy.

How to Download Revelation Online

You can download Revelation Online (the game was released on June 6, 2016) and enjoy it on Windows-based machines. Sadly, the game is currently not available for the owners of Xbox One and PS4 consoles. To begin, click on the download button which is towards the end of this review.

The Game Review

You can fly with various mounts, and you also have ancient mysteries lurking in the world too. That offers a plethora of new ideas and distinct opportunities to try out and see as you play. In addition, Revelation Online is offering you lots of missions, all of which are a part of a tremendous game story.

However, the focus on this game is on exploration and enjoying the beautiful world. But since this is an MMO, you do have elements like raids, bosses, and dungeons. All of these add up to make the entire experience a lot more interesting. Moreover, the game is set to offer even more customization options in order to bring you new suits and clothing or armor for your character.

You can find mounts and also collect as many as you want. The enemies are diverse, there are dozens of enemy types and each one of them is particular to a certain region. That’s designed to make the game a lot more distinct and focused on gameplay changes more than anything. Moreover, the entire primary appeal of the game is all about the distinctiveness of the experience. The new changes added to the game are all about making the gameplay settings more rewarding.

The combat is natural, but since there are multiple classes with outstanding abilities, you are free to choose what class works for you and which one requires a bit of adjustment. The game also has a PVP element, which makes it very interesting each time you play. It enables you to create a powerful character and then you can battle all those characters if you want to in a meaningful way.

Revelation Online also has a social element added to it. The idea is to bring in a lot more clarity and uniqueness into the game. The way this title does that is by bringing in some new mechanics and providing you with a multitude of control styles that suit your needs. You are always in control, and you are free to play the way you want.

You can also connect with friends and create your own small group or clan. But despite that, Revelation Online is also playable on your own if you want to. The game does get better if you play with others, but if you love the game and enjoy playing it on your own, you can totally do that in no time. As a whole, Revelation Online brings in a great set of gameplay ideas and unique moments. If you like action based games you play online, Revelation Online is a great title for you!

Revelation Online Classes

These are the character classes that you can play:

  • Assassin – an expert melee class
  • Blademaster – a seasoned tank and a close combat veteran
  • Gunslinger – mid-range combat
  • Occultist – DoT and AoE damage dealer
  • Spirit Shaper – a healer
  • Swordmage – another AoE magic expert
  • Vanguard – the best tank in the game

Revelation Online
Revelation Online is an open world fantasy MMORPG. Download it now, delve into deep dungeons, fight bosses and join epic raids.
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