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Shakes and Fidget, also known as sfgame, is a mobile and browser game released on June 22, 2009, by its publisher Playa Games. Due to the game being under development, we can still expect updates and new content, such as Underworld. The game can be played in a browser in Flash or HTML 5 format (for example on the w20 server), as well as on mobile devices with Android and iOS.

After activating the game, you can choose the gender and character class. There are a warrior, a mage, and a scout. There is also an interesting choice of race. You choose between orcs, humans, elves, dark elves, dwarves, gnomes, goblins, and demons. Each of these races has specific features, for example, the dwarves “are hard-drinking and have impressive voices”. The next element is naming your character. You can also decide that you will be logging to the game Google, Facebook, or your e-mail account.

How to Download Shakes and Fidget

The game can be downloaded completely for free, either through Steam or from the manufacturer’s website Playa Games. Choose! To start the download, click on the Download button, which you will find at the end of the review.

How to Play the Game – the Guide

Once you start the game, you will be immediately introduced to the tutorial. You do not have to use it, but it will definitely help you on the way. In Shakes and Fidget, your character focuses mainly on doing work, fighting in the arena, visiting the tavern, exploring dungeons, or buying a cool mount in the stable. These are the tasks for starters, for the new adepts of this game. New possibilities appear with each gained level. These can for example dungeons such as:

  • The Ruins of Gnark,
  • The Mines of Gloria,
  • The Pyramids of Madness,
  • Desecrated Catacombs,
  • or Black Skull Fortress.

What’s more, you can also buy new equipment, which includes gloves, armor, weapons, a helmet, gloves, shoes, a medallion, a ring, a belt, and an amulet. In addition, there is also a second store where you can buy drinks and thus strengthen your character.

Let’s now discuss in some detail what you can do in the game.

The first of these is your character going to work. It’s about becoming a city guard. This is very helpful when you go to sleep or you simply get a break away from the game and you do not intend to use your phone or computer. The hero watches over the city during this time and, depending on his or her level, receives an adequate amount of gold.

Then you have battles in the arena. There is not much to write about here. When you enter the arena, you see three opponents. You can choose one of them (pro tip – choose one who is weaker than you, with fewer hit points, lower level kind of things) and you challenge him to a duel. Then you observe as you hit each other with your clubs or swords, taking turns. If you win, you gain honor, XP, loot, and, climb up the ranks. If you lose you lose honor and your gold or silver and go down on the Hall of Fame leaderboard.

Visiting the tavern is another proposition. This is a very interesting solution because you have three options here.

  • The first is a gambling game. If you guess which mug has a ball under you Otherwise, you lose.
  • The second option is to accept quests from the tavern guests. As a reward for these missions, you can collect gold, items, experience, gear, and sometimes even mushrooms. This is a very good proposition – after all RPGs are all about questing – because it helps you quickly gain a lot of experience with some nice items too.
  • The third option is the bartender who supports your thirst for adventure with alcohol.

Last but not least are dungeons. To unlock them, you will need keys that you will obtain during your tavern quest. When you get a key or two, then you can visit appropriate dungeons. There you can fight with more powerful monsters, and consequently, earn more experience and acquire better items.

The hero, in order to progress in Shakes and Fidget, must skillfully use his opportunities for questing, working as a city guard, fighting in an arena, and exploring dungeons. It is also worth finding a guild (or joining one) which will help you on your journeys.

Shakes and Fidget
Shakes and Fidget is a role-playing game based on a comic book. You're dealing here with a parody of a fantasy world. Download the game for free. Have fun and gear up.
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