Stoneshard: Prologue

Stoneshard: Prologue is a downloadable, turn-based, roguelike RPG (role-playing game) developed by the Ink Stain Games. Another game attributed to them includes the top-down shooter called 12 is Better than 6. The publisher is HyperTrain Digital and the game was released in 2018. You can purchase it on Steam. In some respects, the tile bears resemblance to Darkest Dungeon although here the world is much bigger. You explore the vast medieval world of Aldor. The goal of the game is to manage your Caravan and sure this game is played by handling fear, pain, and hunger while trying to stay sane. Other struggles include managing internal conflicts within the company.

How to Download Stoneshard

Before Stoneshard becomes available (the release date is scheduled for November 7th, 2019)  you can download and enjoy the free: Stoneshard: Prologue which is a playable alpha version of the game and has you waking up in a prison infested with vampires which you have to slay in order to escape. To begin downloading click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Game Review

The kingdom of Aldor had been overrun by a disaster. It has faced the brutality of war and the inhabitants had no respite before another calamity set in. The inhabitants of Wintersbrook come to the temple to seek healing from an unknown ailment. However, the refusal due to the unavailability of the cure has left them outraged. The kingdom is about to fall when a mysterious stranger makes an offer that is hard to refuse. He sets off on a dangerous journey to explore the lands and, as the leader of the Caravan, recruits new allies and fights the hordes of monsters.

Stoneshard is welcoming to both veterans and newcomers alike. It gives you the opportunity to shape the future of Aldor and die countless times while doing so. You die – you start from the beginning.

The game in Stoneshard: Prologue starts with the pop-up of a threatening message from the Vampire Guard. The main character of the game is Verran (who is one of the key characters in the full game), who is responsible for gathering the goods required to function properly. These include food, drinks, ointments, etc. The food and drinks offered in the game exhibit variety. In addition, potions such as the Potion of Safety are also available. He also has to equip himself with weapons to be used in his time of need. All the accessories owned by him are inventoried. The importance of each good/accessory Verran gathers on his way is well explained so as to guide the player to their appropriate use. The game has a feature of keeping the gamer updated about the injuries he sustains and the overall health including the state of thirst and hunger.

In order to move forward in the game, Verran has to unlock a few gates and while doing so, he gets rewarded.

While progressing towards higher levels, Verran learns the art of pyromancy also mentioned in the Big Book of the Salamanders – one of the things the inventory contains. He moves to places like the Ancient Catacombs to protect the Caravan from possible dangers.

The game shows charts assessing the abilities of the character of Verran including strength, agility, perception, intellect, and willpower. Each ability has a specific score. It has several modes like the Rest mode which allows you to heal and the Stealth mode where you can go sneaky and backstab the enemies.

As the level progresses, Verran faces bigger challenges and has to fight more dangerous enemies.

Stoneshard: Prologue
Stoneshard is an RPG with a turn-based combat with a lot of survival mechanics. Download it and be prepared for a tough and demanding game.
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