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One of the oldest massively multiplayer online games on the Internet, starting all the way back in January 1997, Tibia from CipSoft is a quirky, early RPG game that has maintained a small but dedicated player base since its inception. The grandfather of games like Blizzard’s smash hit World of Warcraft, Tibia established many of the conventions of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game genre that we take for granted even today. Not only was it one of the first games online but it introduced class systems, magic systems, quest chains, and more.

How to Download Tibia

You can download Tibia by clicking on the Download button below at the end of the review. The best platform to play Tibia is Windows, however, you can also download the client for macOS and Linux. The download is free.

Exciting Retro PVP Worlds

If you are into old-school PvP, then definitely the launch of three new Retro Open PvP worlds on August 8, 2018, will be something that you can be interested in. Visit Pyra (EU), Carnera (NA), and Nossobra (SA) by clicking this link.

Tibia Review and Gameplay

Like many role-playing games, Tibia is about gaining levels and improving your skills although, given its age, it may be a lot more of a time commitment to reach max level in Tibia than in some more modern role-playing games. For the players with the level 999, CipSoft placed an in-game room to access once they achieved that level, a feat first accomplished just in 2015. The max level, however, is not 999, it is indeed open-ended. At the time of writing the current top level in Tibia has already reached level 1170 and is expected to steadily move onwards.

Unique for its time and even more so now, Tibia is noteworthy for its popular player-versus-player server that is of the open PvP type. That means that players can attack one another on a whim and with little warning or heed to things like fairness. A practice commonly known as ganking, in which higher-level players intentionally prey upon lower-level characters (often people who have just started the game), is a major feature of these open PvP serves in Tibia and a big deterrent to the growth of the community beyond niche status. More recent updates have reigned in hostile actions but Tibia is still known around the net for its brutal approach to massively multiplayer online gaming.

There are also optional player-versus-player servers that limit the amount of griefing one player can inflict upon another. Again, Tibia is a product of the early days of Internet MMOs and it shows in almost every mechanic and setup. For those players who have stuck with the game since day one, as well as those who are gluttons for punishment, there are hardcore servers that, as their name implies, are no-holds-barred murder fests where players, veterans and newbies alike live in a survival of the fittest mode that is old school fantastic but probably alien to players with modern MMO sensibilities. Regardless of server type, the game is the same world, equipment, etc.

Players have the choice of four vocations to choose from in the game. Each vocation comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. The classes include knights, paladins, sorcerers, and druids. Like other MMOs, the world of Tibia is populated with tons of non-player characters that function as vendors and quest-givers in the world. All vocations in the game are capable of using magic and this mechanic plays a large role in the game. There are two types of magic: Instant Magic and Rune Magic, one of which consumes mana and the other which is cast using a rune. Killing creatures and completing quests forms the bulk of the gameplay outside of the robust player-versus-player gameplay.

20 Years of Tibia
During its 20 years of development and updates, the world of Tibia constantly expanded. To see the scale of its growth watch the movie below.

Tibia is a free fantasy MMORPG viewed from an isometric perspective. Download the game and enter a huge world with over 20 years of history in the making.
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