Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition is the downloadable remastered version of the original 2007 Titan Quest, in combination with its expansion, Immortal Throne into one singular game. TQ: Anniversary Edition released on PC on the 31st August 2016, but it was soon enough released on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Developed by Iron Lore Entertainment, the team that’s only ever worked on the Titan Quest series had put a lot of love into the game when it was originally released and the same can be said once again.

How to Download Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition

You can download Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition by clicking the big Download button below the review. You should know that the game’s engine has been later used to create another great hack and slash RPG: Grim Dawn.

The Game Review

In Titan Quest, the once chained up Titans have escaped their prisons and look to destroy the planet by creating as much chaos as they can get away with. With the gods realizing this isn’t a battle they can win alone, they look to the humans for a champion that could help turn the tide of battle.

That human just so happens to be you and it is now your task to defeat the horde of creatures and Titans that wish to make the planet nothing more than a barren rock in this game that focuses heavily on Greek mythology.

Leveling Up

Playing like a classic ARPG, Titan Quest starts off with slowly working you up towards being a powerful individual that has the power of a great many gods on your side. With a set of two different milestones you can select a different class each time from a large selection of different classes.

Each class has its own benefits and when combined with a second class will create a completely unique class for that character and will allow you to build them in whatever way you see fit. Outside of the class system, gameplay is very reminiscent of the classic Diablo 2. You walk around the world, taking quests, defeating multiple hordes of enemies, collecting loot, and exploring every single cave you find along the way.

The Multiplayer

Outside of the main forms of play, you are also able to play the game with up to six players online and it will scale the game appropriately for however many players are on the game at the same time. This way you can play with your best friend through the entire story or simply carry them through a particularly trying section, depending on however you wish to play the game.

Other than that, there’s also the chance to create your own worlds where you can edit your own world and make changes to it however you like and allow the chance for others to enjoy later on whenever you’re finished with it.

Games Similar to Titan Quest

At the times of the original release, its biggest inspiration was the most popular ARPG to be released at the time, Diablo 2. It has a lot of the same ideas that Diablo 2 uses while updating the visuals into a brighter, more vivid time period and setting, despite the fact the world is slowly encroaching its doom with the Titans on the loose.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is a hack and slash set in Ancient Greece, China and Egypt. Download it now and go to defeat mighty Titans.
9.5 Total Score
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Review Summary

Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition doesn't do much to stop the game from looking as dated as it does, but that hasn't stopped it from being a gem of an ARPG. The wide variety of options with the classes is what truly sets Titan Quest apart from the rest of the games in the genre.

  • Multiplayer is great fun and works much better than the original
  • Class options is a wide variety that makes wanting to play different characters a necessity
  • Greek mythology is a great setting for the game and comes with an enjoyable story
  • Plenty of content to enjoy for hours on end
  • Anniversary Edition doesn't do much to improve the visuals
  • Can take a little while before you start to feel truly powerful
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