From the developers at Dontnod Entertainment, Vampyr is a action role-playing video game published by Focus Home Interactive for Windows PCs, Microsoft Xbox One, and the Sony PlayStation 4 and focuses on the story of Doctor Jonathan Reid, a man recently infected with the vampiric disease and who is torn between his calling as a doctor, his previous life as a human, and his new existence as a night stalking, blood-drinking vampire. Set in London, the game involves a myriad of player choices as to how Jonathan Reid interacts with the world. Players can choose a peaceful approach, using dialogue and non-violent methods to obtain blood or they can opt for a more destructive approach, unleashing their vampiric terror on the four districts within which you play.

How to Download Vampyr

You can download the game for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. To begin you should click on the Download button which is placed at the end of this review. The game was released and made available on June 5, 2018.

The Game Review 

Of course, your choices as a player will have a direct impact on the people who live within these districts so violent actions result in violent impacts while more passive actions result in a largely unchanged landscape. There are boss fights and leveling but, again, the passive option is one of the more viable ways to play this game. Since the player character levels up after feeding on blood, the method for obtaining it does not matter.

A player who obtains blood through peaceful means will have the same leveling as one who does it in a more violent fashion. Of course, as you level you increase your abilities and unlock ever more powerful vampire powers. As stated earlier, there are four districts of London to explore and the game is a somewhat open world in this regard though not to quite the extent players would find in a title like Grand Theft Auto or The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Jonathan Reid’s need for blood compels a lot of the action but his previous life as a human doctor forms a large part of the narrative pull as well. How the player interacts with characters and maintains the vestiges of Jonathan’s former existence as a human also impact the course of the plot and how everything is resolved in the end. In many ways, the choice of violence versus non-violence is a difficulty meter for the game. With four endings available for players that choose non-violent options, this path is definitely one that was intended by the game designers, albeit even if player advancement using this method is slow and cumbersome. Fully unleashing Jonathan’s vampiric powers is a quicker path to success but does not quite maintain the Hippocratic Oath that is at the crux of many of Jonathan’s choices when it comes to maintaining his former life.

As a doctor, Jonathan can heal sick patients he encounters in the streets of London, or he can choose to make them into vampires by feeding on them. Outside of using vampiric powers, Jonathan Reid can also use almost all imaginable manner of weaponry including axes and saws to hand-tossed bombs. There is even a crafting system centered around this arsenal, again bolstering the game’s claim that there are multiple paths to the game’s ending.

Vampyr is an RPG game set in London in 1918. You are a doctor who has been turned into a vampire and who now must embrace his vampiric nature. Download the game and face many moral choices.
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