FIFA 16 is the 23rd game in the series of the most popular football simulators in the world. The creators, EA Sports studio, with each new release, try to implement new ideas into their flagship title and give the player something new to put their hands on. A new FIFA is released each year in Autumn.

What Leagues Can We Play In?

FIFA 16 lets us play against the best football teams in the world. We will be able to play in 33 leagues from 26 countries. More details can be found in the table below.

Country Number of Leagues Number of Teams
Argentina 1 30
Australia 1 10
Austria 1 10
Belgium 1 16
Chile 1 16
Colombia 1 20
Denmark 1 12
England 4 92
France 2 40
Germany 2 36
Holland 1 18
Ireland 1 12
Italy 2 40
Mexico 1 18
Norway 1 16
Poland 1 16
Portugal 1 18
Russia 1 16
Saudi Arabia 1 14
Scotland 1 12
South Korea 1 12
Spain 2 40
Sweden 1 16
Switzerland 1 10
Turkey 1 18
USA 1 20

Of course, we have also national teams at our disposal and last but not least we can play as women teams.

Game Modes in FIFA 16

Just like in all recent FIFA editions FIFA 16 gives the player an opportunity to play in several modes. The soccer fans can play with the computer, or with their rivals also online. We have friendly matches, custom tournaments where one can compete against any team, and a career mode of a manager who will have to lead his team to success but also manage its finances. The aspiring manager thus will have to win in matches but also buy and sell the players, train youngsters and care for the team morale.

Game Mechanics

The game with each edition gains more realism. A lot of effort is put into recreating the natural movements of the players. And indeed this was achieved in FIFA 16 where the players behave naturally both during the player. while celebrating a goal or when they grab their own heads in disbelief after missing in a great situation.

Realistic Tactical Play

The whole of the match looks realistic as well. Our task is to manage each formation of the team, the defense, the midfield and the forward. They are of course interconnected. Good defensive play increases the chances for a deadly counterattack when the midfielders don’t need to run back towards their own goal. Still, the perfect defensive play requires a lot of skill and practice and makes each match in FIFA 16 a different challenge. Much depends on how the opponents play so we are not forced to play the same all the time.

The Real Players

Much effort has also been put into creating faithful recreations of the looks of the top players. Of course, not every player has his real face. With so many of them in the game that would be practically impossible. However, most of the well-known players look very much like in real life. Just check Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Robert Lewandowski.


FIFA 16 is a fantastic soccer simulator from EA Sports. Download it play with your friend or against your computer.

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