Football, Tactics & Glory

Football, Tactics & Glory takes the concept of turn-based battles in RPG’s and applies it to football, making it a sports simulation. The game has been created by Creoteam, a developer known only for their other title, Collapse, which was an action hack and slash title. FT&G was originally released on PC on the 1st June 2018 and blends the addictive nature of sports simulators with the enjoyable and approachable concept of turn-based battles or football matches in this case.

How to Download Football, Tactics & Glory

You can download the free demo of the game by clicking on the Download button at the end of the review. To obtain full version you need to visit Steam.

The Game Review

With a complete lack of story mode, due to the game being focused around the sport of football or soccer if you prefer to call it that way, Football, Tactics & Glory has the player choose between two different game modes to play from. Both of them don’t change the mechanics for the overall gameplay but will switch up some of the general gameplay systems that the player can expect.

The first game mode is considered the normal start, where the player is given a team in one of the lowest divisions in the league and is tasked with crawling out of the bottom league, improving the team as he or she goes along.

The other game mode, on the other hand, allows the player to pick and choose the settings they want in the form of a sandbox mode. They can decide to play as one of the strongest teams in the game or as one of the worst and pit them against utter powerhouses. Either way, sandbox mode gives players the option to play the game with the parameters that they set themselves.

Focusing on the actual gameplay, the game plays similar to how the XCOM series works, just on a football pitch instead. Each side has 11 players respectively and takes turns to move players, pass and shoot the ball, and plan out different strategies. Each side has the option to make 3 actions per turn, before it becomes the opponent’s turn, regardless of whether or not they have the ball.

By any chance a player tries to make a shot when an opponent’s player is in the way, an RNG roll will take place between that player and any players in the way of the shot. Depending on each player’s stats and the roll they get, a result will soon be made, and the higher number will win the overall roll.

Whether the attack or defense rolled the higher number will allow for the ball to be stolen or a shot to be successfully made. Just like any football game, though, whoever has the most goals scored by the end of the match wins the overall game.

Some easy comparisons to make for the game would have to be a combination of XCOM, due to its turn-based tactical nature and general sports games that revolve around football. The two blends together to create an interesting hybrid that fans of both genres will somehow find themselves coming to appreciate.

At first, it might come across as if the two genres wouldn’t make much sense, but the developers managed to pull it off rather well and fans of both genres will quickly find something to enjoy here – even if they don’t like football.

Football, Tactics & Glory
Football, Tactics & Glory is a turn-based simulation of football. Download the game and become a coach who is also a master tactician.
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