Mario Tennis Aces

Descended from the Mario Tennis series (initiated in 2000), the Mario Tennis Aces is yet another Mario introduction to the sports world by the developer Camelot Software Planning and publisher Nintendo. This game received a great response from its users when it was released in June 2018. This game is all about getting into the tennis mood and battling with the in-game characters in the single-mode tournament version. You can also play the multiplayer mode in which you can play against your friend or family members. What is more interesting about this Mario version is that it is not only about tennis as the name implies. In fact, along with tennis, you get to face countless other challenges and missions too. Give your adventure spirits a boost when playing a double with your friends by showing off your hard-hitting sports skills.

How to Download Mario Tennis Aces

You can download the game from the Nintendo Store. To start downloading you need to click on the Download button which is located at the end of the game review. Check out also other Mario downloadable titles: Super Mario Maker and Super Smash Bros.

The Game Review

The match starts with the option of either choosing a single Tournament mode or play doubles where a maximum of four players can play together. The player can then decide to be one of the characters from the previous parts of the Super Mario. You can choose from Mario, Daisy Kong, Donkey, Rosalina, Wario, Bowser, Boo, Waluigi, Luigi, Yoshi,  Toad, Toadette, Bowser Jr., Chain Chomp, Peach, and Spike. The game is all about tackling with the skills of using the racket and how to combat the ball attack of the opponent. You can specialize in learning the different mechanics that can be controlled by your joystick that can help you get ahead of your enemies.

The different tricks and techniques regarding handling the racket and the ball include lob which makes the ball fly upwards, aiming for a topspin in which the ball travels only in the pathway in which it is hit and slicing the ball which includes influencing the direction of the ball to the side you want. The best newly added mechanic is the zone-shot in which the player can target the exact area where the ball will hit. Any attempt to combat this force of the hit will cause the opponent’s racket to crack and later on damage. It is important to know that the enemies will only be able to resist three strong hits on their racket after which their racket will break.

However to flip the situation if the zone-shot is being used against you, then there is a possibility to resist this shot by using a block. You can go for a block by making sure that you combat the throw of the ball coming towards you in the nick of time. If the fast and haphazard movement of the ball is too hard for you to follow, then you can simply go for the zone-speed.

By doing so, you will put the game into slow motion while you will remain at your regular speed. However, you do not get the favors of these mechanical powers for free as there is a constant source of energy that supports your zone speed and zone shot. You can keep your energy bars raised by continually challenging the other players.  Players have access to different rackets for the various matches they play through the game.

Mario Tennis Aces
Mario Tennis Aces is a sports game designed for Nintendo Switch. Download it and become a tennis pro like Rafael Nadal.
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