NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 is a downloadable game (also on mobile!), the seventh successor to the 1999 Dreamcast NBA 2K console game that simulates basketball. The 2K18 version brings in a number of changes and improvements, offering players the ultimate level of play. The company behind the production of the game is the American studio Visual Concepts Entertainment, which is a part of 2K Games. The studio is famous for producing sports games, and the most important titles are the NBA series, the NFL series, the NHL series, and the WWE series. NBA 2K18 was released on September 15, 2017, and is available on Windows PCs, PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS smartphones.

How to Download NBA 2K18

You can download the game digitally. Download the game by clicking on the button at the end of this review. It is also possible to go for NBA 2k18 mobile download. To do this visit Apple App Store for the iOS version or Google Play Store for the Android version.

What’s New

This title, as well as the previous NBA games, is about basketball competitions in the American NBA. The player is given the opportunity to move to the most famous basketball arenas of such teams as the Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder or Chicago Bulls. In addition to visiting famous basketball courts, you will also meet the real players currently playing in the league.

An interesting fact is that in the game you will also find historical line-ups known from the previous editions of the game. What’s more NBA 2K19 includes also players from the 80s and the 90s, from the era of Michael Jordan, when basketball was in its golden age. There is also a face recognition system that was first introduced in NBA 2K15. It has been greatly improved and in this version, it seamlessly transfers the player’s face into the game’s world.

NBA 2K18 Mechanics

The mechanics of the game have changed only slightly. The game is, of course, multiplayer, both by the network and in front of the computer or console, which allows you to challenge other players. In addition to the classic career, there is also a mode in which you can create your own basketball player and follow him on his way to the top in his sports career. There is also a mode that allows you to compose your dream team. For this, a special deck of cards is used. The team can be tested by putting it against another player’s team. Last, but not least you have the manager mode, in which you command a team of your choice.

NBA 2K18 – the Graphics

The graphics look very similar to what the direct predecessor had to offer. The character models and the overall graphical look has been only slightly improved. The animation of the basketball players is amazingly detailed and the whole experience is magnified by the fact that the matches are commented on by famous basketball players such as Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett. The game surprises with its realism and when playing NBA 2K18, it is often possible to get the impression that you see a live coverage of the NBA league game instead.

NBA 2K18
NBA 2K18 is a downloadable basketball simulator with many years of tradition under its belt. Download the game and meet the stars of the American top-league.
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