WWE 2K18

The ultimate sports wrestling video game that has stood through the test of time, WWE 2K18 by Visual Concepts in cooperation with Yuke’s Co., LTD (published by 2K), made its comeback in 2017 featuring an updated roster as well as new mechanics for players to enjoy. Since transitioning from the acclaimed and loved show WWE to a lineage of what could be said as one of the best wrestling games out there, WWE 2K18 is another step forward in the series for making its game better year after year.

How to Download WWE 2K18

To start the download click on the button at the end of this review. Additionally, you can also download numerous DLCs, so-called packs which add new content to the game. These are Kurt Angle, NXT Generation, New Moves, Enduring Icons, Cena (Nuff), and Accelerator Pack. You will be able also to download Season Pass, which guarantees free access to all the future add-ons. last but not least, if you need a boost in your career, download MyPlayer Kick Start. You should also read our review of the sequel WWE 2K19 or perhaps watch this WWE-themed movie Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon

The Game Review

Unlike prior titles, WWE 2K18 includes a 8 man match to have more chaos in the ring, a new grapple system for more accurate holds and throws that help the maneuvering of the controls to be more smooth, new weight detections with cleaned up animations adding onto the fun of thrashing your opponent, and a brand new engine giving player beautiful aesthetics to awe at. Apart from the free for all and different match game modes, the player is able to access, the new MyCareer mode really highlights the true roots of the franchise.

Through the new MyCareer players can expect to have more interactions with fellow wrestlers, moving these relationships on to make friends and enemies, that give more impact on how the game is played as your decisions matter on how the game will progress. Furthermore, free-roaming to explore the world of WWE comes with the availability of more side-quests and not being tied to just match after match gives players a new dynamic on how the game is played as well. Additionally, strategizing before the big match is an update that adds to the complexity of the game player can enjoy beyond the ruthless punching, grabbing, and kicking we are all used to.

Look a little deeper and players will find themselves immersed in the Dynamic Creation Suite option that gives full on customization for a custom match to be played out. So if you ever had an idea in mind for WWE, now is the chance to make it happen on your own terms and conditions. Not only does it give customization for custom maps and matches, but also a chance to create your own wrestling superstar in the game. Also, create videos from the option and make great highlights or take away from breathtaking matches to be saved for infinite replay.

And as if the game couldn’t resemble the show itself, the Road to Glory mode challenges the player to get into the wrestling hall of fame by competing with online opponents and strengthening the MyPlayer with many items and unlockables. Also, be a part of special events such as pay-per-view matches.

Anyone looking to break some bones with chairs and something equivalent to a stone, make sure to check out WWE 2K18.

WWE 2K18
WWE 2K18 is a classic wrestling game from the renowned series that originated in 2000. Download the game and enter the arena to become victorious. Battle the icons of the wrestling scene and enter the backstage for unofficial locker room confrontations.
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