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WWE 2K19 Easily one of the world’s largest entertainment and sporting franchises, the World Wrestling Entertainment series of game is another long-running series in sports that seeks to balance the need for simulation with the goal of creating a compelling video game as a result. Developed by Yuke’s Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports, the downloadable title WWE 2K19 is the twentieth game in the WWE series of wrestling games and the first to move away from simulation-style gameplay and more towards the arcade fighting action of wrestling games in the past.

How to Download WWE 2K19

To download your copy of the game after you click on the download button at the end of the review. The official release date of the game is October 9, 2018. Before you download the game watch the trailer, read the WWE 2K19 roster. You can also check out the previous versions, that is WWE 2K18.

The Game Review 

Wrestling games tend to be of two types: Those that are outlandish and closer to fighting games and those that are more simulation-oriented, taking the rules and physics of the real sport and transporting them into the digital space. A part of the reason for WWE 2K19’s focus on faster action over simulation is an apparent shift in player tastes as wrestling games have evolved. Another huge impact on this might be the huge popularity of fighting games in the eSports market.

Tending to rely upon fast action and repeatable, flashy moves, fighting games, and wrestling games rarely share any mechanics outside of general control schemes but this could change in the future. Itself known for flashy presentations and spectacle, the WWE wrestling games could similarly find success in eSports if given the appropriate packaging and Yuke’s Visual Concepts seems more aware of this than previous devs.

 That doesn’t mean that this game has gameplay that one could consider radically different from the past but gamers who are wary of its new approach should rest assured that WWE 2K19 doesn’t depart radically from the past.

There is 2K Showcase, MyPlayer Towers, and MyCareer mode, with the last being a simulation of what it would be like to start out as a nobody wrestler in the WWE league. Though a thoroughly single-player experience, if you want that, WWE 2K19 is also enjoyable as a multiplayer game and, in fact, it is here that the title shines.

As an online, multiplayer game, this is is a rare title that combines the knuckle breaking fun of a fighting game with the strategy and consideration of a sports game. Indeed, as a title that mirrors a traditional sport, WWE 2K19 holds to a lot of the conventions one would expect from a WWE match but, most importantly for the video game iteration, the online modes take into account the game aspect of it all and really hype up the action on the screen.

WWE 2K19
WWE 2K19 is a great wresting simulator. Download the game and play as one of the 192 wrestling male and female superstars.
8.5 Total Score
WWE 2K19 Review Summary

2K has done a masterful job of balancing the flash and glitz that comes with wrestling as shown in the WWE with the need for a tactical and repeatable video game. The fighting system is deep without being tedious and you won’t have to sink in a ton of hours to gain some kind of competence with the game. Accessible for both veterans and newcomers, WWE 2K19 relies upon a robust online community to ferry it to even greater heights of fun and success.

  • The best wrestling game for online play
  • Flashy and fun
  • Tight controls
  • A confused game – neither a fighting game nor a wrestling game
  • Some familiarity with the WWE may make it more enjoyable
  • Graphics are OK
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