NBA 2K19

Developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports, NBA 2K19 (a downloadable basketball simulator) is available for every modern video game console and format including Microsoft’s Xbox One and PC game systems as well as the Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4. Portable additions for the iOS and Android smartphone devices are also available.

What’s the deal exactly?

Among the premier sports simulation gaming franchises out there, the NBA 2K series is right up there with Electronic Arts’ NBA Live series of basketball simulation games.

Only NBA 2K is deemed much better.

How to Download NBA 2K19

You can download the game by clicking the Download link at the bottom of the review. Check out also the previous titles from the series: NBA 2K18, NBA 2K17 and NBA 2K16.

The Game Review

NBA 2K19, in addition to its robust single-player modes, the game also includes a beloved and compelling multiplayer game mode that pits players against others from around the world in what is one of the gaming scene’s most competitive communities.

Though it does not carry the official NBA moniker as its Live competitor, NBA 2K19 is nonetheless the 20th game in a long series of titles that simulate the sport of basketball as played in the National Basketball Association.

This means that NBA 2K19 adheres to the rules and regulations as found in the NBA the year of publication and the series prides itself on updating itself accordingly as things change.

Further, as an iterative game series, NBA 2K19 looks to tweak the previous generation’s gameplay slightly in order to offer an improved though not jarringly different experience from the last game. This contributes to NBA 2K’s large and diverse online community.

Pulling in players from around the world, NBA 2K games are often showpieces of competitive multiplayer sports games and have created an entire subculture around modding and competing on the PC version in particular.

Graphically the NBA 2K series attempts to emulate a photorealistic aesthetic as much as possible but doesn’t push systems to anything beyond the best currently available.

The emphasis on smooth, quick gameplay is at the center of the game and the graphics often reflect this.

Keeping things moving without having it all break down into a mess of polygons is a hallmark of NBA 2K’s quality and it holds up here.

The NBA 2K19 Soundtrack

One feature that players will certainly love is the huge soundtrack that the game offers. Featuring tracks from everyone from Migos to Travis Scott and even classic tracks from Lil Flip such as Game Over, NBA 2K19’s OST is one of the largest we’ve seen on a sports game and it offers one of the most diverse track listings around.

The Controls

Controls are intuitive and contextual as well as heavily influenced by previous titles in the series. Again, the focus of NBA 2K games is on familiarity, not revolutionary game systems and radically different gameplay. This is complemented by a robust and fully-fledged online multiplayer matching system that tries to accommodate veterans and newcomers alike.

Is this a game for anyone?

A resounding yes.

Familiarity never creates complete mastery. Being new to the series is no bar to enjoying it. This fact makes NBA 2K19 a great game for gamers that want to get into sports simulation games but don’t want to undertake the glitz, glam, and sometimes gimmicky natures of other titles on the market right now.

NBA 2K19
NBA 2K19 is a very good basketball simulator by Visual Concepts. Download it and enjoy the competition in the National Basketball Association.
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