NHL 19

NHL 19 is the latest iteration in the NHL line of games from developers EA Vancouver, which was released on PS4 and Xbox One on the 14th September 2018. NHL 19 has you playing the sport of ice hockey, allowing you to pick your favorite team from a series of leagues and have them go toe-to-toe against some of the best (or worst) teams the NHL has to offer. With a few improvements here and there, NHL 19 is the next step up in EA’s line of NHL titles that date back to NHL Hockey back in 1991.

How to Download NHL 19

You Can enjoy the game on PS4 and Xbox One. The game is not available as a Windows download. To start downloading click on the button located below this review. You can choose the regular edition, NHL 19 Legends or NHL 19 Ultimate Edition. If you’re interested in the strength and weakness of the players in this edition of the game you can find the top 50 players ratings you on the EA Sports site.

The Game Review

Just like many of the previous installments of the NHL games, there’s no sort of story or campaign to follow along with, unlike 2K’s take on the NBA. Instead, players are expected to play the game for the sheer enjoyment of its gameplay and game modes, whilst enjoying the high-fidelity graphics that each iteration manages to improve on each and every single year.

When it comes to the overall gameplay, it is quite similar to many other sports games on the market, with one key difference: momentum-based gameplay. Due to the fact that you and all of your players are playing on ice, momentum with all of your movements are taken into consideration with all of your actions. Whereas in something like FIFA, the moment you let go of the left-stick your players are going to stop, whereas in NHL they simply aren’t able to do that and causes a sort of momentum-based system with many of your actions that you perform as a player.

General gameplay is relatively simple, you control an individual player for your team and move up and down the ice-rink, passing between different players on your team and whoever has possession of the puck will be the player you control, providing that they are on your team.

With one button push, you can try for a goal and hit the puck into the net; depending on how long you press the button will determine just how powerful the overall shot is. For the most part, the game plays very similarly to many other sports games out there, such as FIFA and 2K’s NBA titles. In comparison to the last game in the series, not too much has changed: there are now outside rinks to play on, and the gameplay has been designed to play faster and more responsive, but other than that, it’s still pretty similar to the last set of NHL games.

Easily the biggest comparisons for the game as a whole are the previous NHL titles and other sports-related games, such as FIFA or 2K’s NBA games. For the most part, the gameplay is all very similar and just like the other games, each new iteration simply comes with some minor improvements here and there and an updated roster of players.

For anyone that’s a big fan of the NHL or just simply enjoys sports games, then NHL offers solid gameplay with some nice visuals and provides both players with exactly what they’re looking for. By any chance you’ve played the previous couple of NHL games and didn’t enjoy them, NHL 19 won’t have changed enough to warrant a recommendation for you, however.

NHL 19
NHL 19 is a hockey simulator, a game which belongs to a long series which originated back in 1991. This is a console-only title. Download it now for your Xbox One or PS4.
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