Tennis World Tour

Tennis World Tour is a sports game which is developed by Breakpoint Studio. The game was published by Bigben Interactive and is available to play on the platforms of Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. The game was initially released on 22nd May 2018 and as its name suggests, the game has everything to do with the sport, Tennis. In general, players get to control tennis players and compete in tennis matches against different opponents.

How to Download Tennis World Tour

Towards the end of this review, you will find the Download button. Click on it and start downloading Tennis World Tour. You can also download Tennis World Tour – Legends Bonus Pack which has to legendary players: John McEnroe and Andre Agassi as well as new rackets, outfits, and badges. There is also Tennis World Tour Legends Edition which combines the base game with the DLC. If you like tennis game you should also download and check out Mario Tennis Aces.

The Game Review

The game begins on the main menu where players are given a variety of game modes to play from. The available modes include career mode, exhibition mode, online play, and tennis school. Starting off, the tennis school is the mode to play for every beginner player. In tennis school mode, players learn to interact with the basic controls such as moving, serving, stroking, and aiming. The players can then use these basics to make combinations and in turn, come up with strategies.

Next comes the exhibition mode where players can compete in friendly matches against the AI. Exhibition matches include friendly one on one matches or tournaments where players can select their favorite tennis stars and compete to win the match or tournament. The exhibition mode can be played by up to 4 players.

The career mode offers a very wide perspective in terms of gameplay. Career mode allows the players to create their own unique player. Players can customize the attributes of their characters as they have the option to select either of the two genders and then make adjustments to their overall build, height, face, playing hand, backhand style, and serve style.

The game enables players to go in-depth with their character’s details by giving them the option to choose the type of mindsets their characters will play with. After being done with the customization, the players begin their solo careers by taking part in different matches and competitions in the season. Initially, the player’s character begins at level one but as they play and compete in tournaments, they gain experience through which they can achieve higher levels. With each win, players also get to win money through which they can go and purchase equipment for their characters.

The game has been made in very realistic terms. Players in career modes don’t just compete in matches, but also have to keep their players fit. Players get to manage their character and their overall statistics, they are basically in control of the whole season. The characters can get injured as well which forces them to take breaks from the season. Hence, players carefully have to play accordingly and make sure that their players are up to the mark as well.

Overall, Tennis World Tour is a game which promises great gameplay. There are still a lot of features that have been announced but are yet to be added. Amongst those features, the online mode is the most prominent one, which players around the world are waiting for it to be released. Apart from that, the gameplay is very realistic and the special shots and actions performed in the game emulate those performed in real life as well.

Tennis World Tour
Tennis World Tour is a realistic tennis simulator. Download it and play the game like a well-paid professional tennis player.
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