AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist is a game which in a simplified simulates the mechanics of investing in your own businesses in order to achieve passive income. The title perfectly simulates the simplest rules of conducting investments and opening new ventures. At the beginning when the venture is just developing, the income is small and the business needs to be handled by you. However, as the game progresses, you can hire the first employee who will do everything while you enjoy leisure time. From that moment on, the real fun begins. This is the case with every venture you will start in the game.

How to Download Adventure Capitalist

The game can be downloaded for free on many platforms: Windows, Android, iOS, and PS4. You can also play online.

A Guide on What Strategy to Choose

AdVenture Capitalist is a clicker game (just like another popular game of this genre Clicker Heroes). This means that especially at the beginning you must collect income by clicking on the appropriate spots on the game screen. Over time, your activity changes and you are focused not on manually creating income but on the ways to increase it.

The game teaches proper capitalist behavior so that the money earned by your own work can be invested immediately. As a result, the income will be growing, and thus you will generate more and more profit, and the money will stay in your pocket or preferably will be reinvested.

At the very beginning, there is a stand with lemonade, which brings quite a small income. However, over time, you can create the next entrepreneurial initiative, and automate the original one.

Another business is the supply of newspapers. This activity is a little better paid than selling lemonade at the stand. This comparison, however, only makes sense when you combine the basic income from both businesses. This is because each venture can be improved (and made more profitable) by buying the right upgrades.

These improvements include, among others, the recruitment of more managers. As you get more employees, you can open more lemonade stands, and thus the more money flows in your direction. Of course, you should remember that each of them should receive a salary.

It must be added that there are more ways to upgrade your businesses. An example is getting the attention of Angel Investors who can give an incredible momentum to our business.

With the help of managers and some technical improvements, you can increase your income from any of your initiatives. Thus, the income from the sale of lemonade may, when investing the appropriate money, surpass the money you get from the delivery of newspapers.

The businesses in AdVenture Capitalist are the following:

  • Lemonade Stand,
  • Newspaper Delivery,
  • Car Wash,
  • Pizza Delivery,
  • Donut Shop,
  • Shrimp Boat,
  • Hockey Team,
  • Movie Studio
  • Bank,
  • Oil company.

This, for such a simple game, you have a fairly extensive selection of types of businesses that you can start up. The game is a nice take on capitalist reality. It’s simple, interesting and what is important, completely free to download. AdVenture Capitalist is a simulator of a healthy capitalist attitude which can lead you to become filthy rich.

 AdVenture Capitalist’s mechanics are so simple and the graphics are so friendly that the title is also suitable for children, it could be a great educational tool.

AdVenture Capitalist
AdVenture Capitalist is a simple clicker game that is a capitalistic simulator. Download it for free and earn a lot of virtual money.
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