Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition rekindles the magic that made it so popular with strategy fans worldwide, more than a decade ago. Furthermore, the visual enhancements give this downloadable high-level fantasy epic a new lease of life. Cram packed with a plethora of content; this is a must for fans of strategy, just as it is for those who hold a vulnerability for nostalgia. Above all else, it’s a fun blast from the past that acts as a worthy tribute to this much-loved saga. Just beware of the god-complex.

How to Download Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

The extended edition of AoM includes the base game as well as Age of Mythology: The Titans and Golden Gif Campaign. To get access to the Tale of the Dragon expansion you have to purchase it and download separately. To start downloading, hit the button below the review

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The Game Review: A Clash of Titans

In its heyday, Age of Mythology was the cream of the crop, a glistening rune in the realm of top-down strategy bliss. Today, it would seem as though it’s all but lost to the sands of time. So then, what better way to spark the Pheonix back into life than with a blockbuster bumper pack, or extended edition.

The Refreshed Game

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition has plenty of meat on the bone. Granted, some aspects of the game are out of touch with today’s levels of expectation, but it still holds up. Mainly, because of its authentic mythos and marvelous mythical beasts.

Bound together in one epic pack, is the colossal sized- main campaign, in addition to the Titans expansion, and the smaller Golden Gift DLC story. Revisiting the game, its easy with hindsight, to see why it continues to garner such a following.

One thing’s for sure; there is no other experience quite like it. I mean, who can say they led a battalion of gargantuan gods into battle against the Kraken and its cronies in a struggle for supremacy. Now that’s a tongue-twister and a half.

Fundamentally, the temptation to play-god is all too powerful, and who can blame you. Besides, the set-pieces that come from large-scale battle engagement and the absurdity of its outlandish fight-scenarios are sights to behold. No wonder, the finger is poised over the nuclear button most of the time.

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition: the Gameplay

The game plays much in the same way as other titles of its era, whereby players make use of a Civ-style strategy system. In it, players must acquire resources such as food and raw materials while creating a hub of operations. During this time, you’ll be assembling an army and unlocking the new tech-tiers on the fly. These are fun and addictive hobbies for the most part. Eventually, you will reap the rewards for all your endeavors.

Despite all the good, there is a small dose of evil, as with all things of mythical nature. Sadly, enemy A.I is a little wonky, and the visuals are not in keeping with the present day. That said, some polish has been applied, especially with regards to the water surface and foliage. It’s outdated visually, but that’s to be expected considering its age. What’s important here is that the campaign stays uncompromised, and this aspect is without a doubt, better than ever.

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition
Age of Mythology is a real-time strategy game in which your command powerful creatures from legends. Download it and win the war.
8.5 Total Score
Age of Mythology: Extended Edition Review Summary

To summarize, Age of Empires: Extended Edition offers a wealth of content to feast on, as well as a fresh facelift which adds to its sense of grandeur. Mainly though, it will be remembered for its menagerie of mythical beasts and other-worldly battle scenarios. Put simply; it is a must-play for hardcore strategy fans.

  • Enchanting creature collection
  • Strong mythical themes
  • Epic battle scenarios
  • Command God-like powers
  • Random misbehavior of AI's
  • Mediocre visuals
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