AirMech Strike

A free-to-play online multiplayer battle arena video game from Carbon Games, AirMech Strike is the latest version of a game announced way back in 2012 and initially debuting on the Xbox 360 in 2014. AirMech Strike puts players in the role of an AirMech pilot and allows you to conduct combat on both land and sea to achieve game mode objectives.

But that’s not all – the game also has a real-time strategy element in that AirMechs can commission and place constructed units on the battlefield to help them. In its most basic mode, AirMech Strike is about building and defending your own base from an opponent and reducing that adversary’s home to ashes. There are other game modes available, even a few that force you to partner up with other players to win.

During the development of this science fiction, RTS Carbon Games was inspired by Technosoft’s Herzog Zwei, a classic video game for the 16-bit Sega Mega Drive/Genesis home console.

How to Download AirMech Strike

The game by Carbon Games is available for free download. To get your copy click on the Download button at the end of this review. If you love mechs don’t forget to check out other downloadable mech titles – BattleTech and Zero-K.

The Game Review & the Gameplay

AirMech Strike lets players unlock new units, pilots, and AirMechs using the game’s in-game currency called kudos which are earned as the player completes matches against opponents.

This isn’t the only in-game method of upgrade, however, as AirMech Strike also features a role-playing game like leveling system. This also allows players to unlock various features as their level increases. A third currency, diamonds, can be used to purchase anything that can be obtained through XP or kudos. Carbon Games stresses that anything in the game can be earned through kudos alone meaning that a player can play the game without ever needing to make a purchase.

Like other games in its genre, this RTS tasks players with micromanaging resources but in this case, it is only one: Credits.

How many credits you have determines the pace of what you can deploy in game. These credits are generated by fortresses and outposts.

In practice, this means that players can increase their credits by either building special units devoted to that task or through conquest. There are 9 different AirMechs to select as well as pilots, items, and parts. Each AirMech boasts a different range of stats and these can be customized somewhat through the use of different parts.

AirMech Strike Game Modes

In terms of different game modes, AirMech Strike features solo, player versus player, co-op, capture the flag, survival, warzone, and challenges.

Solo play is as it describes – the player alone takes on the game’s AI. In player-versus-player, you face off against others and in co-op, you play along with them. Capture the flag, survival, warzone, and challenges are the somewhat unique modes offered in the game.

The objective of capture the flag is to hold and retain the enemies flag while maintaining your own. Survival mode pits you and other players against endless hordes of enemies to see who can last until the bitter end while Warzone is similar but is tied to in-game lore which is ever evolving.

Challenges are variety maps with different objectives attached to each that player or players have to complete.

AirMech Strike
AirMech Strike is a real-time strategy game with a dynamic science fiction action mechanics. Download the game for free and join multiplayer battles in which huge mechs reign supreme.
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