Big Bang Empire

Become a star and rise to the top of the industry in Big Bang Empire. Free game landing sites are now offering this virtual world for players around the world to enjoy. Be wary that this is an adult type game with adult content in it, so this is not something that should be played by the younger gamers.

How Can I Download Big Bang Empire?

The game works in a browser and as such doesn’t require any download. Of course, technically speaking, you do download the game contents but it happens automatically, behind the scenes. Naturally, the download is free.

The Ingame Studios

Joining a studio in this game is like joining a team in other games. The studio will offer assignments and strategies for each player. Each studio will work to achieve certain levels and rewards that will enhance stamina, strength, and strategy throughout the game.

Within the confines of the studio environment, the characters will be able to get items to help win the game. Personalization of characters can also be enhanced based on which studio one joins. Such things as:

  • hair color and style
  • body image
  • lingerie
  • shoes
  • can all be customized to preference.

Complaints about the Game

The gamers on Big Bang Empire forums have voiced some complaints about the formatting of the game. One such complaint is the timing. While agendas can be immediately clicked on, achieve the outcomes takes real time. For example, making a film has a wait time in the game for 30 minutes. Many players claim that this encumbrance slows down gameplay and makes it boring and tedious.

Some claim that the game falsely presents itself in that it is quoted as a porn game without nudity. Others state that it is not compatible with mobile applications, and yet others state that it has an empty plotline and no real substance.

Big Bang Empire Positives

In our review of Big Bang Empire, we have to admit that the positive point is that as it continues to grow in popularity the game is slowly moving to the mobile apps. This makes it more diverse and able to be played by a larger population of the gamer community. Another positive that it has going for it is the lack of nudity. Indecency on the web is far too common and this game is a refreshing breath of fresh air. Nudity does not have to be the end all be all of the pornography. Use your imaginations friends.

Finally the accusation that this is falsely representing itself. If looking at the advertising for this game, one will see that it does not promise pornography. What it does promise is the ability to build a porn star, rise to the top of the industry and be bestowed with awards. It does not ever state that nudity will be a part of this.

Big Bang Empire is a fun way to see how the stars live and work. While the name and some of the visuals for it may look like one will get nudies, it is nice to see that the developers of the game kept it clean and kept it fun. One has to ask how the naysayers are justifying their complaints. If nudity is what they want, perhaps they should porn sites and not game sites to fulfill their desires.

Big Bang Empire
Ready to start your adult movie business? Here's your chance in this free-to-play browser MMO. Begin as an actor who loves his job and then become a proud and rich owner of a movie studio.
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