Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is a fun and energetic game developed by Ninja Kiwi. After gaining much traction in the mobile market, the Bloons brigade finally decides to stake its claim on PC. For the most part, the transition is a smooth one. Albeit, at the expense of some minor technical restraints and the inclusion of microtransactions. Both of which disrupt the rhythm of the game.

How to Download Bloons TD 6

You can download the game from Steam or, if you prefer mobile experience, from Google Play or App Store. If you like the series you should also try the free Bloons TD Battles.

The Game Review

That said, the core experience remains relatively untainted. There is no lack of content here, while the color and carnage synonymous with the franchise are evident from the start.

Most notably, Bloons TD 6 doesn’t do much to elevate the series, but a host of additional upgrades which include new towers and maps help to keep fans entertained. In short, this PC port makes a decent transition to the global Platform, bar some small issues regarding technical aspects of game-play.

So then, let’s discuss what’s new in the latest iteration. Well, this time around players can utilize a third upgrade path, which brings some more variety to proceedings. Additionally, the all-new 3D tracks come packed with personality. All of which require in-depth strategies to overcome. Sadly, there is no-coop mode. Meaning, Bloons TD 6 remains a purely single-player experience.

That aside, the knowledge point system whereby players upgrade towers and monkeys is bland at best. Sure, there is plenty of choices, but the impact and relevance that these buffers have on the game are slight and ineffective. All in all, this system feels a little undercooked. Furthermore, it doesn’t affect progression, nor does it encourage the player to pursue unlockables in any way.

Furthermore, besides a few cosmetic skins and other less significant buy-ables, monkey money is pretty much obsolete. It serves a minimal purpose. Thus, leaving one to question the prominent role that microtransactions play in the game.

On the other hand, the non-stop pace and frantic nature of all that balloon popping carnage give the game unique, addicting properties. However, once you get to grips with all the characters somewhat limited power set, the rest is a breeze.

As a result, Bloons TDN 6 is a tad repetitive and wee-bit tedious. Initially, everything’s fresh and exciting, but once you gain knowledge of how things work and master the map routes it’s pretty much plain sailing all the way to the finish.

On the contrary, the non -stop onslaught of balloons does make ball-bashing even more fun. Not least with the all-new game modes which make life a little more interesting. Further raising the challenge to a significant degree. The ability to restrict the number of monkeys and issue double health to MOAB’s in Balloons TDN 6 adds some spice to the scintillating splashes of color on the screen.

To conclude, Bloons TDN 6 provides all the mayhem, carnage and non-stop balloon-popping bliss popular with fans of the franchise. That said, the game-play loop, although strong to begin with does become a grind after a while.

That said, the game suffers from repetitiveness. In contrast, the host of content up for grabs helps to satisfy the games solid fanbase, at least until the next entry pops up. No pun intended.

Bloons TD 6
Bloons TD 6 is a three-dimensional tower defense game. Download it and put your strategic abilities to work.
7 Total Score
Bloons TD 6 Review Summary

  • Vibrant visuals
  • Fun & family friendly themes
  • Incentivized microtransactions
  • Repetitive game-play loop
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