Business Tour – Online Multiplayer Board Game

Business Tour – Online Multiplayer Board Game is a free online multiplayer strategy game available for free download. It is a board game in which you must demonstrate the ability to think strategically and show your entrepreneurial skill. You can play solo or with other players.

The game was created by Creobit, which has also produced such title as Gnomes Garden, Iron Sea Defenders or Medieval Defenders. The game is free, but it is possible to buy certain elements inside the game, which sometimes helps in achieving your goals, but it is not a necessary win condition. These elements are mainly the currency of the game.

The Cheats and Hacks for the Game

Business Tour players are quite often interested in cheats and hacks in order to facilitate the gameplay play. At present, we do not know of such. But maybe rightly so – sometimes it’s better to rely on your own abilities. Anyway, remember that cheating in multiplayer games is not ethical.

How to Download Business Tour – Online Multiplayer Game Board

To start downloading the game, click on the Download button at the end of the review. The game is available for free. In addition, you can also download a Business Tour DLC for a small fee. It is called Business Tour. Starter Pack and offers you 50,000 chips and 50 gold. You might be interested also in another DLC called Business tour. Napoleon. This DLC provides you with a playable Napoleon character, 100 gold, and 50,000 chips.

The Gameplay

Business Tour – Online Multiplayer Board Game is based on the mechanism of rivalry between players or between a single player and artificial intelligence controlled by the game engine. Basically, this is the online version of the Monopoly game. The players must demonstrate cunning and forward thinking in order to accumulate as much as possible of gold, chips, and property.  In short, in this game, you need money making skills and ability to run business that makes a profit and not losses. During the game, you have an option of entering into agreements with some players against other players. The game also lets you develop your foresight. Like in Monopoly, you can lose everything because of imprudent planning or too much hazard. Each game has a time limit, so you also need to take that into account.

Business Tour is characterized by simple graphics and animations that do not distract you from doing your job. During the play, you have a view of the entire board with the playable characters, which makes the game a lot easier. After choosing your character, and the game mode (solo, with other players, online or offline) and the table at which we will play, the game begins. The mechanics of the game are based on dice rolls. Each throw indicates how many spaces your character may move. In BT-OMGB, as in Monopoly, you have the opportunity to buy and sell real estate. You must, however, be a shrewd businessman, because it is extremely easy to lose all the accumulated wealth. Either inadvertently, or through unfavorable results of dice rolling. You have no influence on the latter, of course. Here fate decides.

To win, you should carefully plan your strategy. The strength of opponents should also be assessed on an ongoing basis. One unwise decision can deprive you of the accumulated resources.

Business Tour has gathered quite a large community of players. You can have a chat with them on Steam where the game is available for free download. The game requires Seam installation as well as its files. Once you’re done just select the game from the library and start having fun. The game is simple but also extremely addictive and can provide many hours of joy. The title is a perfect way to spend a pleasant time but also to compete and have the opportunity to test your own strategic skills.

Business Tour - Online Multiplayer Board Game
Business Tour - Online Multiplayer Board Game is an economical board strategy game reminiscent of the well-known Monopoly. Play alone or with friends. Download the game tonight. For free.
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