Call to Arms

Call to Arms is a real-time strategy (RTS) available for free download, in which the players fight using infantry firearms, directional mines, mortars, vehicles (for example Hummer H1, M1A2 Abrams tank). All this is done in an interactive environment. The weapons that players use can be modified. You can add different sights, barrels, flasks, etc.

How to Download Call to Arms

To download Call to Arms, click on the Download button at the end of the review. The game is available for free download, but if you like it, you can try to download a paid DLC. One of them is Call to Arms – Deluxe Edition Upgrade, which adds new factions and a single-player campaign to the game. Season Pass is also available and includes the DLC with factions and single-player campaigns, as well as the promise of free access to the new content when it is published.

The Game Review

In the game, you additionally have the ability to control units from the first-person perspective, as in FPS shooters and from a close third party perspective as in TPS shooters. You can also play the game in a multiplayer mode. For this purpose, ten maps have been prepared with the possibility of 16 players to participate.

The vehicles used in the game are very realistic. We are dealing here with units used currently by the United States Army. Their choice is big – there are twenty machines at your disposal.

As for the maps on which the players fight, they are extremely interactive. Virtually, each element of the environment can be used as a cover against enemy fire or can become a serious threat (for example the barrels with easily exploding contents). There is a lot of diversity as fast as the maps go. There are rural areas, cities, train stations, and factories.

There are two sides that take part in the fights. The first is the United States Army, and on the opposite side, there are forces of the Global Revolutionary Movement. The uniforms of the former perfectly reflect the realities (and so do cars). Also, the outfits of the revolutionist perfectly illustrate the un-standardized appearance of militants from revolutionary movements.

The game’s mechanics and controls resemble the classic title Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines from 1998. There are also many similarities to the Men of War RTS series as it is their former creators who worked on Call to Arms. Fortunately, however, Call to Arms also has some original solutions.

The game was created by Digitalmindsoft studio. Call to Arms is set in modern times. The game was released on April 27, 2018. To learn more about the in-game tactics and strategies, visit the frequently updated Wiki.

Call to Arms is great entertainment for fans of today’s military theme, who don’t want to limit themselves to just to collecting information about it. The game offers them a chance to actively participate in modern military conflicts in the safety of their home. The game has an educational value because it allows you to better learn the specifics of field operations and recognize the dangers, which wait for the combatants.

Call to Arms
Call to Arms is a combination of RTS and FPS/TPS shooters. Download the game for free, play solo or in a multiplayer mode. Also, download additional DLCs. Take part in an armed conflict.
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