Cat Goes Fishing

Cat Goes Fishing is a downloadable game created by Indie developer Cat5Games. It is a mix of strategy and arcade action where the player takes up the role of catfisherman. The goal of the game is to hunt for fish and sell them on the fish market to earn money. With the latter, we can buy upgrades for our fishing equipment which will allow us to hunt even bigger fish and thus make even more money.

How to Download Cat Goes Fishing

The game can be downloaded from Steam.

The Basic Game Mechanics

The cat sits on the bank on the left side of the screen. To the right, the player can see a virtually neverending water area. A thrust of the fishing rod and the player now watched as the fish underwater swim in shoals while the bait dives past them. If we move the bait close to a fish it will catch. Now we can pull it up but we have to watch out for larger fish which can now eat the fish on our rod. Another issue we need to focus on is that the larger fish can pull our bait off the hook. For them, we need larger bait.

How can we get a larger lure? It’s easy. First we need to catch a small fish: for example cuddlefish. Once pulled up we don’t sell it but make a bait out of it and we throw our pond once again this tie aiming for a larger fish – for example, mustardfish. We have to be smart and navigate our lure past smaller fish so they wouldn’t catch the bait. If we catch successfully a mustardfish we can repeat the procedure and go for even bigger one like cowfish.

Cat Goes Fishing: Unlocking Secrets

As we progress through the game, catching fish and earning money, we unlock goods to be bought. These can be better rods: the selection ranges from our basic rod that we start the game with to good rod,  power rod, quick rod and beyond. Each of them, of course, costs increasingly more. The rods can be upgraded with special powers that increase their capabilities, for example, giving it an increased reel speed.

We also get access to the lure shop. There we can buy such funny additions to our equipment like a rocket which we can attach to our line to cast the bait further. Another weapon of choice is a bomb which can temporary scare away pesky fish who might eat bait designed for a bigger one.

Quickly into the game, we also unlock fish catalog which educates us about the types of fish we can catch. The list of fish is divided into four categories: small, medium, large and huge. At the end of the food chain, we have to monsters: shark and maw. Each fish in the catalog has a description and the price we can get for it on the market. There is also information about fish behavior and why we might need it. For example, we can learn that bubblefish lights up the darkest depths and that catching one intact will allow us to harness their light.

As you play the game it leads you onward by assigning quests. These can unlock new rods or the ability to catch bigger and bigger fish.

Cat Goes Fishing
Cat Goes Fishing is an extremely popular fishing simulator where arcade and strategy elements are combined. It can downloaded from Steam.
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