Fishing Games

Pro Fishing Simulator

Pro Fishing Simulator

Pro Fishing Simulator is a free-to-play downloadable fishing game published by Big Ben Interactive. Where does its gameplay take you? To the virtual outdoors as outdoors is, in fact, one of life’s ...

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Ultimate Fishing Simulator is a fishing game developed by Ultimate Games and Bit Golem. The game is published by PlayWay and Ultimate Games S.A. and was released on 30th August 2018. Ultimate Fishing ...

Fishing Planet

Fishing Planet

Fishing Planet is a free to play, multiplayer, simulation game. It was developed and published by Fishing Planet LLC and released in August of 2015. Its competitors are other fishing games such as ...

Russian Fishing 4

Russian Fishing 4

Russian Fishing 4 is the fourth entry in the Russian Fishing series, by the developers of the same name. The game was originally released on the Early Access platform on Steam for PC on the 15th June ...

Ice Lakes

Ice Lakes 11

Ice Lakes is a downloadable ice fishing simulator. The game is designed for fishing lovers of all ages. The devs (Iceflake Studios) have tried as accurately as possible to simulate the wintery ...

Cat Goes Fishing

Cat Goes Fishing 11

Cat Goes Fishing is a downloadable game created by Indie developer Cat5Games. It is a mix of strategy and arcade action where the player takes up the role of catfisherman. The goal of the game is to ...

What are fishing games? Video games often attempt to simulate or capture some aspect of the world around us and transform it into a digital space wherein it becomes an amusement of some kind. This concept basically underlies every video game type out there, from fighting games to driving simulators, but this is perhaps no more evident than it is in fishing games or those titles that seek to emulate what it is like to go out on a lake, river, or even the high seas and fish.

Of course, fishing games need not be as dull as sitting on a pristine lake nor are they as action-packed as the latest first-person shooter game. Some titles, like Sega Bass Fishing, combine arcade flourishes with real-life simulation to create a perfect combination that is both appropriate and well-matched for a video game. Other games, like the Bass Masters line of titles, tend to hew a little more closely to what you would expect to find in the real world.

Obviously, as games that use fishing tournaments as their baseline for many of the in-game modes, this isn’t really surprising. One stand-out game in this genre, if you think it even fits in the genre to begin, is Sega’s Dreamcast title Seaman.

A mix of a Tamagotchi game in the guise of raising a fish with a human head, Seaman had its own peripherals to enhance the gameplay and contained elements common to a fishing game. We cite it only to show how broad or narrow the classification of fishing games can be but rest assured the vast majority of them attempt to simulate the classic sport of fishing.

Of course, there are also games in which fishing is just one of the many game modes and is more an addition to the bustling world than the player’s main occupation. We’re talking here about such titles as Everquest 2 or Red Dead Redemption 2.

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