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Fishing Planet is a free to play, multiplayer, simulation game. It was developed and published by Fishing Planet LLC and released in August of 2015. Its competitors are other fishing games such as Cat Goes Fishing, Ice Lakes or Russian Fishing 4.

How to Download Fishing Planet

To download Fishing Planet click on the Download button at the end of the review. You can enjoy the game on Windows or on PS4. Currently, there is no version for Xbox One. The game is available on Steam and in PlayStation Store.

The Gameplay and the Review

As the game begins, we can see a map of all the locations we can initially fish in. In the early parts of the game, this extends to most parts in North America but it expands as you continue with the game. The home page shows us our backpack. We can have many kinds of rods and reels in our inventory but we have limited space in our backpack that we take on the fishing trips.

We can create multiple profiles with different types of backpacks. We have to look at the locations we are about to go to and what kinds of equipment we will need in order to deal with the kind of fish that will be present there. We can purchase new items from the home page but at the start of the game, because we do not have a lot of money to invest, we have to work with what we are given.

Once we begin our day, we can use the ‘T’ key to fast forward through the day to get to a time when it is better to fish. On the bottom right hand of our screen, we can see a circle with an arrow inside it. As you move the mouse, the arrows move as well. That is the players’ recovery speed (the speed with which the line will come through as we reel). However, if the line capacity is overburdened, we can potentially snap the line and lose our catch.

Pressing the plus and minus keys on your system will change the drag. It is located on the outer ring of the recovery speed ring. The drag controls how much energy you need to exert in order to avoid the fish from taking off with the bait. Again, if too much energy is exerted while dragging, the line will just snap and the fish will escape. Holding down the left mouse button allows us to drop the line in the water. The same button helps us reel is back in.

We can use the right mouse key to aim and the ‘F11’ key to throw at longer distances. Once we have aimed, we need to use the bar above to the drag ring to measure when to let our line go.

Once the actual fishing starts, it can be frustrating early on as our equipment is usually not that good and we need to wait for the fish to show up, but the game is actually quite simple if you know when to fish, what equipment to use (when you can afford it) and where to fish. You usually need to read a little about the fish that are present in the area to get a better idea as to where to usually spend most of their times.

For example, in one of the early missions, we need to catch a Young Largemouth Bass and they are present around the weeds during 10 am. Without this information, this game would be much more difficult.

Fishing Planet
Fishing Planet is an advanced fishing simulator. Download it and catch the biggest fish in the world. The download is free!
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