Ice Lakes

Ice Lakes is a downloadable ice fishing simulator. The game is designed for fishing lovers of all ages. The devs (Iceflake Studios) have tried as accurately as possible to simulate the wintery hunting for fish done under the cover of ice. You start your adventure in Ice Lakes as an angler named Blitz. You dress in a tasteful fishing outfit and select an appropriate warm cap. In addition to the basic fishing equipment, you can take advantage of the offer of such gear as various types of rods, baits, worms, and of course ice drills. You buy everything with the coins earned during the game.

How to Download Ice Lakes

Ice Lakes can be downloaded from Steam. The price of the game is 14.99 euros.

The Player’s Guide

The first haul begins with the tutorial, where you learn in a step by step fashion how to effectively catch your dream fish. The gameplay can take place in several locations – you fish in lakes and rivers. You can choose the weather conditions in which you want to catch fish – the time of day or year. The duration of the game varies, depending on the player’s preference: from ten to one hundred and eighty minutes. All the locations look nice, we can even notice running animals.

Before you cast your fishing line, you must first select a place in the ice area where you want to drill your blow-hole. Blitz sprints towards the place you pointed at with your mouse cursor, sits comfortably and starts the hunt.

The bait on a hook that goes under the ice can be controlled all the time. You can control the fly line and do everything an angler does in order to encourage the fish to catch. This process is not easy. You need to run to and from blow-hole to blow-hole and be patient.

Ice Lakes: the Game Modes

Besides playing in a traditional single-player campaign you can also try your luck at multiplayer with several players at the same computer or online with virtual anglers from around the world.

The success of your fishing attempts depends on you and your skill. In many places on the map, there will be oodles of fish. Just be patient and wait for your reward. In the game, you will find a lot of fish species: perch, hurdles, pike, carp, etc. The appropriate baits are also important – the better your choice, the more likely you are to catch a large specimen.

To make progress in Ice Lakes, you need to use your earned coins to improve your fishing gear. The more advanced equipment you will buy, the more you achievements and trophies you will collect. The accessory stock is very diverse. It takes time for your stuff to become a top-notch equipment that will let you catch the underwater giants.

Ice lakes is a game that lets you enjoy winter fishing all year round in the comfort of your home. It’s a highly playable fishing simulator. There are no unnecessary and redundant elements – it’s fishing sport in its purest form.

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Ice Lakes
Ice Lakes is a simulation game in which you fish under ice. Download it and enter the frosty competition. But watch out for the bear. It likes fish too!
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