Russian Fishing 4

Russian Fishing 4 is the fourth entry in the Russian Fishing series, by the developers of the same name. The game was originally released on the Early Access platform on Steam for PC on the 15th June 2018. As can be assumed by the title, Russian Fishing 4 takes place in Russia and has the player explore an open-world area, all in the search of a myriad of different fish – with each one having a unique location in comparison to some other areas.

How to Download Russian Fishing 4

To download the game simply hit the Download button at the end of this review. The game can be downloaded from Steam. It is best to first download the free demo.

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The Game Review

With Russian Fishing 4 being a game solely about fishing, there is quite literally no story to follow. Instead, the game would rather the player have the chance to create their own stories through their encounters and adventures throughout the open-world of Russian Fishing 4. Jumping into the game isn’t going to bring any players the story they’re looking for when it comes to a fishing game.

The gameplay in Russian Fishing 4 is split up into two different segments for the player. The first segment has the player exploring the open-world around them, all in search of a new location to catch some fish. As the player explores, they can find new fishing spots that might have unique fish in it, such as small lakes or potentially even near the sea. Once the player finds these new fishing spots, they are given the opportunity to fish as much as they please, providing they have the resources to keep up with it all.

Now, the second segment of the game is quite clearly the fishing aspect of it. Similar to many other games, the fishing typically has the player throw their fishing rod out into the water, wait for a fish to take a bite, and then do their best to reel them in through pulling against the fish until they’re close enough to catch.

On top of the fishing aspect of the game, however, there is also a major RPG inspiration with the game. As the player continues to play the game, they can acquire more money and experience. Money is used to purchase new fishing rods, tackles, and baits and the experience is used to improve certain aspects of the main character, all of which making hauling in that big reel that much easier. On top of all of these mechanics, there are also some small survival elements, such as an energy and food bar, so the player is expected to keep their character well rested and well fed to keep them at optimal fishing abilities.

In terms of comparisons, some of the closest comparisons to this game would be the mix of open-world and RPG of games like ARK: Survival Evolved; just crossed with relatively casual fishing games. It’s a weird combination of games, but it seems to work quite well for many of the people playing it.

Russian Fishing 4 is the type of game that a player could simply lose hours upon hours on without even realizing, all due to just how easy it is to lose one’s self in it. Fishing for hours is a fun experience, and the RPG nature of the game gives the player the perfect reason to keep on coming back, all thanks to the progression system.

Russian Fishing 4
Russian Fishing 4 is a fishing simulator where you can catch fish in lakes and rivers. Download it and enter a huge open world.
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Russian Fishing
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