Pro Fishing Simulator

Pro Fishing Simulator is a free-to-play downloadable fishing game published by Big Ben Interactive. Where does its gameplay take you? To the virtual outdoors as outdoors is, in fact, one of life’s greatest joys. Just go outside and try.

How to Download Pro Fishing Simulator

You can download Pro Fishing Simulator from Steam. If you enjoy fishing games, be sure also to check the following:

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The Game Review

Whether hiking a trail or camping out in the woods, mother nature provides one of Earth’s greatest tourist attractions no matter where you are.

Some people enjoy hunting and fishing and, for those of us that don’t want to venture out in the wilderness or sit on a boat in the early morning, there are video games to simulate just that activity.

When it comes to fishing games, the industry has a particular fondness for that pastime – especially in Japan. 

You can find fishing simulations in everything from Final Fantasy XV to Red Dead Redemption 2 but what about a game dedicated to just that? 

Meet Pro Fishing Simulator, a game devoted to the sport of fishing.

Developed by Sanuk Games and published by Bigben Interactive, this titlelets you enjoy some of the best fishing spots from around the world in the comfort of your own home. Rendered with expectedly lush graphics, the environments are the graphical highlight of the game.

The fish, for their part, are detailed and represent their real-life counterparts well if not somewhat artificially. In this regard, the game’s graphics are sort of like the Sega Dreamcast’s Sega Bass Fishing. That game didn’t do the backgrounds as well as Pro Fishing Simulator but it definitely did an excellent job of rendering the various fish you caught in the game.

But that’s not the only attraction of the game. As its name implies, Pro Fishing Simulator is a sim title and comes with all of the things you would expect from that type of game. This means you have the choice of a lot of different, real fishing equipment as well as learn techniques and strategies for attracting certain fish.

The game offers nine official fishing locations ranging from a watering hole in Colorado to a lake in Corsica. In addition to that, the game also offers 6 different fishing techniques including fly fishing, lure fishing, and boat fishing.

Probably the most attractive element for true fishing fanatics is the range of species on offer: With 79 different types of fish to catch, gamers will spend plenty of time trying to get to completion with Pro Fishing Simulator. Official equipment on offer includes wares from firms like Vision, JMC, KastKing, 13 Fishing, Lew’s, and Strike King. To keep things current there are also weekly and seasonal challenges that players can participate in during the course of the year.

Pro Fishing Simulator
Pro Fishing Simulator is a game which lets you, yeah, you guessed it catch fish. Download it now and enjoy your underwater hunting.
8 Total Score
Pro Fishing Simulator Review Summary

Designed for people who love fishing, Pro Fishing Simulator is also for the neophyte to the sport and serves as a pretty good guide for what you would do in the field.

  • Really cool fishing simulator that is chill but hardcore at the same time
  • Different locations add a nice change of pace
  • Tons of real-world equipment and lot of stuff to learn about fish
  • Graphics look janky at points
  • Can be overwhelming for someone who knows nothing about fishing
  • Do you really want to catch all 79 types of fish?
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