Feed and Grow: Fish

Feed and Grow: Fish is a 3D survival action game developed by Old B1ood. The game was published by Greens s.r.o and was released on 9th January 2016. The game enables the players to play as a specific kind of fish through which they attack and devour enemy fishes. The main aim of the game is to defeat all the enemy fishes in the map and become the strongest fish of them all.

How to Download Feed and Grow: Fish

The game is available to play on PC and can be downloaded directly from Steam. To start your download click on the Download button which is located at the end of this review. If you like games about fish, why not check out and download some fishing games such as Cat Goes Fishing or Ice Lakes, to name just a few.

The Game Review

Starting off with the main menu, the game is available to play in both single-player and multiplayer modes. In the single-player version, the players are given three types of matches to play namely, the Deathmatch, Deathmatch Unlimited, and Crab Madness. In Deathmatch mode, players basically get to play as a specific fish and are teamed up with other fish of the same type.

The player’s fish along with its team must now clear the ocean by attacking, killing, and devouring the other fishes. It is important to be known that the player and their team can also be attacked and killed by other groups of fishes. When the player’s fish gets to attack and kill an enemy fish, they can devour its meat in order to grow in size, becoming stronger and more powerful.

Moving on to the Deathmatch Unlimited mode, it is an extended version of the normal Deathmatch mode which allows the players to keep on killing other fishes and gaining experience, while also becoming more powerful with each kill. Finally, the last mode, called Crab Madness, is an alternate version of the Deathmatch mode where players get to play as a Crab.

The main goal of this mode is to keep on attacking other Crabs and eventually encounter and defeat the boss called Crab King. The multiplayer mode follows the same pattern as the single player mode with the only difference being the AI being replaced with online players who compete against one another.

Within the game, there are many numerous characters that can be played. Each character is defined by different statistics. These statistics include health, damage, bite speed, swim speed, weight, and special abilities. The players start off with the most basic fish in every map, however, with more experience and coins that they earn within the game, they can eventually purchase stronger playable fishes. The types of fishes that a player can choose depends upon the map chosen. For example, the Ocean map enables players to choose from a variety of fish including:

  • Blu,
  • Pinky,
  • Dory,
  • Bibos,
  • Teotaca,
  • Nilin,
  • Barracuda,
  • Dreu Eel,
  • Swordfish,
  • Goliath,
  • Draith,
  • Hammerhead,
  • Sea Turtle,
  • Tiger Shark,
  • Browurag,
  • And Great White Shark.

Overall, Feed and Grow: Fish is an exciting game which combines the elements of being underwater with some intense action by taking down opponents. The game being online means that players can even compete with their players head to head in this action-packed game. Lastly, the experience and coins motivate the players to take that extra step forward in order to unlock more amazing playable characters.

Feed and Grow: Fish
Feed and Grow: Fish is an awesome action game in which fish compete to survive. Download it and become the ultimate killer-fish.
7.5 Total Score

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