Fishdom is another match-three, free-to-play, downloadable puzzle-style game. However, before you run to the hills and give this one a miss. Fishdom has enough charm and personality to make it one of the more stand-out titles in its genre.

How to Download Fishdom

You can download and play Fishdom on Android and iOS mobile devices but also on a macOS-based PC. To download the game, hit the Download link located below this review. And if you are a fan of match-3 games you should also check out the fantasy title Puzzle & Dragons.

On the other hand, if you like games with fish, check out the action game Feed and Grow Fish.

The Game Review

The core gameplay of Fishdom is actually really simple. You need to earn gold tiles, you earn gold tiles by matching three of the same icon. You do this by moving around icons in an adjacent manner. Match up three of the same icon and they will disappear. You can cause chain reactions which will, of course, earn you more points and help you get through the level quicker.

To help you get through the level quicker you can use different power-ups. Some of these match-three games get way too complex with the number of power-ups that they offer, but Fishdom keeps things simple. You can get a power-up by matching 5 or more of a particular icon.

The power-ups are really useful and range from Depth Bombs that can get rid of everything that is in a two-icon radius. Dynamite Charges work the same way but can get rid of everything in a three-tile radius. If you use seven power-ups in a level, you get to use the ultimate power-up, the Lightning Bonus. The way this works is that you will click on a particular tile, let’s say the turtle for example, and the lighting will get rid of everyone on the level.

So is this all there is to Fishdom? You just clear out a level and move on to the next one? Well no there is another dynamic to Fishdom and this is what has arguably made it such a huge hit. Each level you complete will earn you some cash. With this cash, you can build your very own aquarium.

You can buy new fish, decorations for the tank, and also things that are going to help your fish be more comfortable like a water heater and filter for example. Building up your tank and your collection of fish is very addictive and is what is going to keep you coming back to the game.

While your aquarium is fun, it also serves as another aspect of the game as it has three life bars. One for fish, beauty, and comfort. The more fish, items, and comfort items you have the higher these bars will fill and you can earn trophies.

Fishdom is not one of the harder match-three-style games out there, but that is what makes it so appealing. While it is a free-to-play game and you can spend some real-world money on it.

The game never feels like it is hustling you to spend a buck here, two bucks there. You can actually get a ton of awesome stuff for your aquarium without spending a penny. There is, of course, some Facebook connectivity so if you can get some friends to play you can earn some extra goodies that way.

Fishdom is a match-3 puzzle game that lets you earn virtual coins to decorate your underwater aquarium. Download it now and have some marine fun.
9 Total Score
Fishdom Review Summary

In all Fishdom is not reinventing the wheel when it comes to match-three games. However, it is a fun game and one that is far more addictive than you would think. The super cute art style and collecting stuff for your aquarium is nearly just as much fun as the match-three aspect of the game.

  • The really cute art style
  • Very easy to get into
  • You can play without spending any money at all
  • Building your own aquarium is a lot of fun
  • It is one of the more basic match three games
  • If you do not care for fish, you will not care about this!
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