Match 3 Games

Bejeweled 3


Brought to us by PopCap Games, it is pretty mind-blowing to me that as I write this Bejeweled 3 is actually over 10 years old! This game was and is pretty much available on everything you could ...

HuniePop 2: Double Date


The original HuniePop was a massive success it mixed a matched three puzzle game, a visual novel, and a whole lot of lewdness together. HuniePop 2: Double Date is the highly anticipated sequel that ...

Zuma’s Revenge!

Zuma's Revenge

Zuma’s Revenge! is PopCap Game’s attempt at a sequel and it comes closer than many follow-ups to capturing the magic of the original. But how do you make a sequel to an iconic game? It is a problem ...



Dating can be tough, but dating sims can make the game even harder. Meet the Steam-downloadable title HuniePop, the match-three tiles dating simulation with an adult edge to it. Think of it as ...



Fishdom is another match-three, free-to-play, downloadable puzzle-style game. However, before you run to the hills and give this one a miss. Fishdom has enough charm and personality to make it one of ...

Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons

If you haven’t heard of the downloadable mobile game Puzzle & Dragons then don’t worry, you’re not the only person. But you will probably hear about it eventually. Why? Because the game is a ...

Zuma Deluxe

Zuma Deluxe

One of PopCap Game’s earliest hit titles, the Zuma series is a puzzle game that has elements of Bubble Bobble and the classic match ‘em up games of yesterday but does it all in a way that is charming ...

Candy Crush Saga


Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular downloadable games ever to be created, even more so on mobile platforms. Developed by King, the game was originally released back in 2012, on the 12th ...

Match 3 games are a sub-genre of puzzle games in which your objective is usually to place in a row three gems of a matching color. Matching games tend to involve pairing things of similar appearance by picking them out of an otherwise uniform crowd.

Think cards all face down or some variation of that to imagine what a match 3 game looks like in practice. Relying upon memory as well as a bit of luck, players who can match two things of like origin must then add a third.

This third matching adds to the complexity of a match two game but also allows for a lot of variety in terms of skill emphasis. Matching two things together takes a lot less memorization than three things, after all, and matching three like objects makes the element of chance less important.

These games can be played solo, cooperatively, or competitively and are found not only in video games but also are popular with board games and other card games as well.

The mechanic is quite simple but found in a lot of different puzzles across the genre. Though rarely a game by itself, matching games are found in everything from first-person shooters to visual novels.

Some of the most well-known match-three games today are Candy Crush, Zuma, and Angry Birds POP!.

These games make you line up gems or tokens until three alike are in line and able to vanish from the screen.

In this way matching games mimic the mechanics of Tetris but, again, due to their simplistic and exportable nature, can take on many different forms whether it is a matching card game or something like Bejeweled.

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