Sweet Fruit Candy

Sweet Fruit Candy is a simple downloadable match-three game for your mobile phone. The way it plays is very simple. You just need to connect three or more items of the same genre and then put them together in a great package. The cool thing about Sweet Fruit Candy is that it’s designed with quality in mind.

How to Download Sweet Fruit Candy

To download Sweet Fruit Candy visit Google Play Store. So to start downloading simply click on the Download link below the review.

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The Game Review

The Graphics

The graphics and level of detail are insane for this type of thing. You will like the great quality provided by the game. The fruits and candy you can find in this game are nothing short of unique, and that’s definitely a huge advantage for the game and the experience on its own.

The Game Mechanics

You will appreciate the sheer amount of value and quality you can get here. And the best part is that the game is designed with a true focus on puzzles too. The more items you connect, the better it will be for you. They did a good job at making every game more and more complicated. You have a limited set o moves in the game, and you have to be very careful about how you can move the items. That can be a challenge, especially in the later levels.

Sweet Fruit Candy: the Game Content

But for the most part, it delivers exactly what you want while placing a true focus on quality and a very good game experience, to begin with. Since there are more than 1500 levels in the game, you can rest assured that this will be quite the challenge to complete everything. However, the fact that they have tons of unique props and extra features makes the game insanely addicting. You never run out of stuff to play in here, and that’s the cool thing about it.

Plus, this is the type of game that you can play whenever you want with your friends and family. It’s addicting, as it is fun, and every time you play you learn something new and enjoy some cool ideas. That’s what Sweet Fruit Candy is all about, offering some cool notions and providing you with a great set of options that you will explore and enjoy all the time.

The Gameplay

As you play you really have to test your brain. These are great puzzles and since there’s a limited number of steps to complete, it can be very hard to figure out the right solution. Every game comes with at least a single solution, maybe even more most of the time.

All you have to do is to give it a shot yourself and once you do that you will be quite impressed with the great gameplay and outstanding values. It’s definitely one of the best match-three games out there. The way you play is very intuitive, but you still have tons of challenge to explore all the great options in the game. It might take a while to fully master every mechanic, and that’s part of the fun!

Sweet Fruit Candy
Sweet Fruit Candy is an Android game which belongs to the so-much-loved match-3 genre. Download it now and move colorful fruit to your heart's delight.
9 Total Score
Sweet Fruit Candy Review Summary

  • Great match-three gameplay
  • Multiple power-ups
  • Beautiful graphics
  • It gets very hard towards the later levels
  • Too many ads that make it sometimes unplayable
  • The game can freeze randomly
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