Close Combat: The Bloody First

As someone who never played the original Close Combat, I was coming into Close Combat: The Bloody First with a very open mind. I have always enjoyed tactical games and war games so this one mixing the two together really appealed to me. After spending some time with the game after it was released, I can see some promise, but it needs a lot of work!

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The Game Review

Let me start with the idea of the game and it is one that I really like. There is a nice and long campaign here that is set around the famous, Big Red One infantry unit. I liked the idea of this and really do appreciate what they were trying to go for with the campaign here, especially in making it as historical as they could.

While I never played the original games, I do know that Close Combat: The Bloody First is the first time the series has been in 3D. I must say that the visuals of the game are not what I expected, while you play the game from a top-down point of view, the details are really strange and overall the game has a very mid 00’s look to it that I am not 100 percent sure is actually intentional.

While graphics, of course, are not everything, especially in a tactical kind of game. The gameplay of this is going to be one that you either love or hate. It has a very and I mean very mixed reputation right now. I found the opposing AI offered a decent enough challenge, but there are times when my own troops had what felt like a mind of their own.

I had two guys just run right into the middle of a battlefield, my artillery just starts firing like madmen and a few other strange things happen to. I have read that these happen by design and it is due to the morale and feelings of your troops. If this is the case that is awesome, but I wish the UI made it easier for me to know that!

Overall, I found planning my attacks rather straightforward. I really like how much stuff I had to play with ranging from small arms to powerful weapons and even tanks. You need to have a plan for attack, defending and take into account not just things like the morale of your troops, but even the lay of the land too. There really is a lot to think about in Close Combat: The Bloody First, I just wish the game had a better tutorial.

I am very impressed with just how much content there is in this game. The game is set in Normandy, Sicily, and Tunisia and there is a large selection of missions and maps to keep you entertained. I am sure history buffs will be very happy and impressed with how the developers have gone all-in with the time period.

For me, Close Combat: The Bloody First is a very strange game to talk about. I can see so much potential here, but I just feel it needs a little finer tuning. The game has a very mixed reputation for a reason! It appears to be the kind of game that either clicks with you or just turns you off after a few minutes. You might want to wait for a price drop before checking this one out.

Close Combat: The Bloody First
Close Combat: The Bloody First is a real-time strategy game set in the times of World War II. Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
Close Combat: The Bloody First Review Summary

  • I love the time period the game is set in
  • The campaign has had a lot of work put into it
  • Lots of tough tactical decisions to make
  • The first game in the series to be in 3D
  • The soundtrack is pretty awesome
  • Not sure if the AI is supposed to be doing what it wants!
  • The game feels like it needed an extra month or two in development
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