Field of Glory: Empires

I have played some deep strategy games before, but Field of Glory: Empires is one of the grandest I have ever tried to take on. If you like your games to be very hard, force you to make difficult decisions and require you to pay attention and think about everything you do! Well, you have met your match here as this game will challenge even the most seasoned strategy fan.

How to Download Field of Glory: Empires

You can download this title either from GOG (also using GOG Galaxy) or from Steam. Click on the button below the review.

The Game Review

The setting of the game is something I found very interesting. It takes place in Europe as well as parts of the Middle East, just after the death of Alexander the Great. You have to pick from over 70 (that is right 70!) different factions. Each faction has something “special” about it and looking at what each one offers is key to getting a good start to the game.

The whole game requires you that you really think about what you are doing. The way you construct things is not as easy as you would think, so putting off building something like an armory can lead to devastation as it is not quick to build one when you need it. Trying to think one or two moves ahead can make all the difference in Field of Glory: Empires.

Of course, a huge part of building your empire and establishing your culture in the world is your people. The people who live in your nation and even your slaves have their own identity. If you just ignore your people, you can have civil unrest on your hands. How can you expand if you cannot even look after those who live on your already established land?


The combat in this game is just staggering. Field of Glory: Empires actually has over 600-unit models for you to consider. Figuring out the perfect balance of what you need is something that is very tough, but so rewarding when you do. Things are split into categories so it is easier to manage than you would think. Still, this vast amount of choice can easily make you pick the wrong units!

One of the big “things” that they are trying to push with this game is decadence. The idea here is that you expand your ideology and culture to the masses through any means you see fit. The longer your civilization thrives, the more things that will come at it and the harder it is to keep going. Just remember some of the biggest civilizations have fallen due to not dealing with the problems facing them.

The Graphics

Visually, the game looks decent enough. You can export your battles into Field of Glory 2 and play them out there if you want, but that to me is more hassle than it is worth. Still, for people who want that extra level of control, this option I am sure will be something that pleases you.

I think that Field of Glory: Empires is a very, very hardcore kind of strategy game. You have so much choice in the way you go about things it is very daunting. It also means that this is not a game for a newcomer to strategy games. There is a steep learning curve here, but on the flip side of that when you get things the way you want, you have a very rewarding experience on your hands.

Field of Glory: Empires
Field of Glory: Empires is a turn-based grand strategy war game. Download it now to start to build the civitlization of your dreams.
8 Total Score
Field of Glory: Empires Review Summary

  • One of the deepest strategy games I have ever played
  • The setting is very interesting
  • You have a ton of choice in units for battle
  • The game has a ton of depth in every aspect of it
  • You can use Field of Glory 2 with this if you like
  • It is far from easy
  • The difficulty may put some players off
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