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InnoGames strategy game Forge of Empires, which you can play in a browser or on Apple iOS and Google Play smartphones, puts you in charge of a city-state. You are tasked with leading from a primitive village to a space-faring super technological megacity. The gameplay is similar to titles such as SimCity and Clash of Clans but borrows from role-playing games in that it features a lot of turn-based elements. Naturally, there is only a little bit of land upon which the player can initially build their structures, making choices consequential and very important at the beginning of the game. Of course, this plot can be expanded over time as the player progresses.

How to Download Forge of Empires

You can download Forge of Empire for your mobile device or enjoy it in a browser on your desktop operating system. Either way, click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Game Review

In Forge of Empires, there are two ways to progress: The player can complete in-game objectives and earn resources and coins to be used to advance the game or you can spend real-world money to do the same. Of course, spending real-world money tends to make things move a bit quicker but InnoGames promises that Forge of Empires is just as viable without spending money on in-app purchases to advance the game.

No game in this genre would be complete without lands to take over and Forge of Empires features different provinces that the player discovers as they progress that they can eventually take over.

The player’s time is divided up among three main in-game tasks including city management, army management, and research for new technologies to improve both your city and military force.

There are a variety of military units to use and learn about as well with fives types in total. These types – light, ranged, fast, heavy, and artillery units – each have their own specialities on the field and knowing when and where to use them is a major part of the strategy element found in the military portion of the game.

Like Clash of Clans, guilds feature prominently in Forge of Empires and basically consist of teams of players banded together to take on other players in online matches and combat. Again, the player can do most things by accomplishing in-game objectives but there is also a cash option in the guilds combat that often has the unfortunate aftereffect of separating the haves from the have-nots.

This is par for the course in smartphone games but it is something worth noting nonetheless. Along those lines, there are a ton of different game currencies that can each be used for different things, some of which are earned and some of which are purchased.

The game also offers a bevy of in-game events throughout the year that also reward gamers with unique items and loot, including special buildings, units, and currency bonuses. Past events have included popular holidays as well as seasonal events just for the heck of it and even a football-themed event in 2016. There are also special event historical quest lines that give players the chance to play through a specific historical epoch and solve the problems of that time period as part of the objectives of the mode.

Forge of Empires
Forge of Empires is a browser strategy game that can be also played on mobile. Build a city, create an army and create an invincible power.
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