Clash of Clans is a mobile base-building RTS game developed by Supercell, famous for other games such as the previously reviewed Clash Royale. In Clash of Clans, you build a base to your liking but you also make sure it is built well because other players will invade for the treasures within your walls. The core gameplay revolves around base building and raiding other players to be the greatest in both categories. Rankings are based upon successful defenses against others and successful raids that are made, all to prove how worthy you are.

How to Download Clash of Clans

You can download the game from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To begin, click on the Download button at the end of the review. The download is free. The PC version of Clash of Clans requires an Android emulator such as BlueStacks.

The Game Review

Funky contraptions and devastating new turrets to unlock will ensure that you will have plenty to build and look forward to. On the other hand, minions from all over will join your army as you recruit them to beat even the best of defenses.

You make things more competitive by joining the extensive clan system and participate in wars, share strategies, test each other’s strategies etc.. And for those who hate waiting until their next battle as they wait for their army to assemble in the barracks, or just wanted a fresh start while keeping previous progress saved, Clash of Clans has a new mode. It allows for a second base with changes to the previous elements of Clash that better suit the impatient player.

As a player, you can try out different combinations of teams and spells and because the levels are user-generated, each one will be different and unique to themselves. The reason I called the game an RTS, while some have disagreed, is because while you don’t have every minute control of all actions your army makes, general positioning and the swarm of minions that you control still factors in and is more closely related to the RTS genre than others.

An alternative to Clash of Clans

Another game by Supercell similar to Clash of Clans is Boom Beach. Released a year after Clash of Clans was, Boom Beach is a more tropical spinoff of Clash of Clans taking a modern look with guns and artillery as a means of battle. Generally, all aspects stay true to the original game but small differences such as landing sports or damage control are ways that make Boom Beach equally as enjoyable and can serve as an alternative to check out. Both games have special heroes to be unlocked. You can play defensively and offensively and generally stay F2P. But like all games, grinding really becomes a pain in higher levels and it has become a norm to buy items to advance or maintain a high-level standing, although it is not required.

Being a long time fan of the game and of Supercell games, I can say that Clash of Clans was one of the trailblazers that really gave value and rise to mobile games. The game is still relevant now with updates being made consistently to it and its predecessor(s) mentioned before. The player base also remains healthy from all over the world so worrying if anyone will invade you should be the least of worries. So if you’re ever looking to build a kingdom within your pocket or just want some raiding fun, be sure to check out Clash of Clans on IOS or Android.

Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans is a hit mobile fantasy strategy game in which you build a base and fight other players. The game is free to play. Download and see why it is so popular.
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