There have been some great city building style games over the years, but many of them follow the same kind of formula. The people behind Foundation are taking a slightly different approach to the world of city building and this is part of what is making it one of the most interesting city-building style games to come along in quite some time.

How to Download Foundation

You can download the game from Steam. To begin, click on the button below this review. Another medieval city-builder that might want to download and check out it is Kingdoms and Castles.

The Game Review

When you play a game like SimCity (as awesome as it is) or another game like that. Most of the time you have to build things in grids or perfectly straight lines. This is easier for you to manage and I am sure the people making the game to program. Yet no actual city is really built that way and that is what Foundation is trying to emulate.

The idea of the game is that you need to sow the seeds for a medieval civilization to thrive and you do this with what I can best describe as a paint tool. You mark out the areas in your city for things like farming, work and so on. You are not tied to any kind of grid so these areas can be as weirdly shaped as you would like. This can lead to some very interesting city designs.

The people in your settlement will create paths and walkways and these will happen naturally, not just because you have designated where they will go. Actually, most of the world of Foundation is going to happen more organically than you will have ever experienced before! It can be very interesting to see how buildings pop up and how they are shaped.

Do not think though that you can just sit back and watch your little people grow. You have a lot of work to do yourself. You see you need to make sure these folks are happy so they are not harassing you.

This means you will have to be nice to people and complete story quests and side missions in order to progress and get more cool stuff that you can add to your settlement. There is always something to do, even though you sometimes want to just watch things unfold naturally.

You can craft all kinds of cool buildings such as houses, castles, cathedrals and so on. The game makes doing this quite easy thanks to the very intuitive tools that it has. You can come up with some pretty wild stuff and you will find it interesting to see how the people in your settlement react to the things you have created for them.

Some city building sim style games always have you on edge. As you do not need to micromanage every single little thing or deal with every little person, Foundation has a much more laid back kind of style and that is a huge part of the game’s charm. While you have a lot to do and sometimes there is quite the challenge to balance peoples happiness, money and make sure you are on the right side.

Foundation never throws so much at you that it becomes overwhelming and not fun. You always feel like you are in control and that your settlement is moving forward. Foundation is easily the kind of game where a half an hour gaming session can easily turn into 2 AM as you have been playing for four hours. If you like games like SimCity and if you have wished that something like Age of Empires was less intense. Foundation is certainly a game you have to check out as I am sure you will have a lot of fun with it.

Foundation Is a game in which you create a medieval city. Download it to play it now and unleash your creativity.
8 Total Score
Foundation Review Summary

  • The grid-free building mechanics are awesome
  • The presentation has a lot of charm to it
  • Plenty of story missions to move things forward
  • There is always something for you to do
  • Watching people go about their lives
  • Some may not like not being able to micromanage everything
  • Price seems a wee bit high for a game like this
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