Kingdoms and Castles

Kingdoms and Castles is a Medieval-inspired downloadable indie game developed by Lion Shield LLC. In short, this fun and charming city-builder will appeal to fans of strategy games and casual gamers alike but fails to expand on the somewhat saturated genre. Once your low-level city develops into a sprawling kingdom, you feel a sense of gratification as you lord over the lands.

How to Download Kingdoms and Castles

Kingdoms and Castles is available on Steam. To begin your download click on the button which is located below the game review. And if you like city-building games with a medieval or fantasy setting you should also try Elvenar and Forge of Empires.

The Game Review

Despite a few setbacks, the game delivers on the core elements inherent of its genre. Soon enough, you’ll be king of the castle in no time, but don’t let it get to your head. So then, time to get to work, there is much to do.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the vital game-play mechanics within. Mainly, the game incorporates man-management and city-building systems both of which are fun and flexible. Sure, there’s not much new here, besides a few menial tasks here and there. That said, the nature of the world, dynamic and forever evolving, means you are always forced to up your game. And that provides a decent game-loop.

Another significant factor is the delegation of duties. After all, the plebs need a leader who will inspire them out of the Dark Ages. Thankfully, this is where the game comes into its own. Most notably, players can farm the land and manage crops while quarries require human resources to develop stone for the castle walls.

However, to keep the masses content and on your side, the high and mighty must display generosity from time to time. For example, kings can host festivals to boost morale and cement loyalty, while churches give the people faith and the strength to go on through these dark and torrid times.

Also, population health is of great concern, and it’s your job, as the all-powerful to keep everyone free from the plague, and well feed. After all, you can’t do much on an empty stomach. Besides, those fields aren’t going to plow themselves. I hate to be a slavedriver of course.

With the Vikings on your doorstep, hot on your heels, the next invasion is inevitable. Fortunately, the ransacking marauders can be repelled and stopped in their tracks thanks to the games fortify and defense system. In Kingdoms and Castles, careful placement of barricades and power points become vital to victory. After all, those long-haired louts knocking on the gates are a blood-thirsty bunch.

For instance, high-up vantage points are ideal for archers as it gives them greater range. That said, situating your weapon with strategy in mind, is the key to success.

One thing that shines out is the artistic design. Visually, Kingdoms and Castles looks excellent, and the rich palate of color injects energy into the world. What’s more, a blocky, lego-like effect to the graphics give the game a quirky yet distinctive feel.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good, and there are some pitfalls which handicap the experience to some level. The sense of challenge soon diminishes once you have things operating the way you would like. Worse still, the lack of an end-game, means that you have no set goal or ambition going forward. Also, the A.I can be a tad incompetent at times while building types lack depth and creativity.

Kingdoms and Castles
Kingdoms and Castles is a medieval city-building game. Download it now to create a fantastic medieval town with a castle, starting with a humble hamlet.
8.5 Total Score
Kingdoms and Castles Review Summary

Overall, Kingdom and Castles is a well-executed city-building strategy game that stands the test time. Off course, it comes with its caveats, but the core of the game is strong enough to hold up. With new updates just around the corner, there is decent potential for growth and expansion.

  • Extensive man-management mechanic
  • Authentic artistic design
  • Epic dragon duels
  • Questionable AI
  • Lack of blueprints for buildings
  • Easy difficulty level
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