Kingdom Two Crowns

To expand on the much-heralded saga of Noio Coatsink’s strategy-adventure series Kingdom is Two Crowns, the latest entry to this noblest of franchises, which branches out to indoctrinate co-op play for the first time.

Hence, the clue is in the title; players can now team up with fellow monarchs to lord over the lands as they attempt to install law and order. As a result, the series expands on the core experience, while offering something fresh for fans both new and old. More still, the objective to promote peace throughout the kingdom is still as appealing as ever.

How to Download Kingdom Two Crowns

The game can be downloaded from Steam together with its OST. You can also download Kingdom: Classic (2015) and Kingdom:  New Lands (2016). To start, click on the Download button located below the review.

The Game Review: Worthy of A Knighthood

Kingdom Two Crowns is a contemplative-management sim and a rewarding one at that. Sure, the perils of ruling an empire can play on the mind somewhat, but overall, the delegation of duties is a fun exercise in power. Greed and corruption are your enemies, and these social stimulants are to be repressed at all costs.

The Premise

Much like other titles in the series, the player assumes the role of a ruler who governs over property and people. The fact is, there is always resistance, whether that comes in the form of a plebs-based rebellion or a riot due to food shortages, noting is permanent in Kingdom Two Crowns.

The Look

The micro-strategy sim has a unique visual look courtesy of its rich lore that centers around the themes of those relating to feudal Japan. Consequently, the sprawling landscapes, architecture and social systems reflect those found within this era of unrest.

All in all, it’s a welcome sea change, that brings in a fresh cargo of enemies to dispatch, as well an array of all-new recruits to hire including ninjas and squadrons of Shogun. What’s more, lush, bamboo-based forests make up the stomping grounds of exploration, the aspects of divide and conquer never felt so good, what with all the exotic flora and fauna on display.

Kingdom Two Crowns: the Gameplay

For the kingdom to flourish, players must manage internal affairs while fending off the threats of foreign territories. As the anointed one, you have free reign over your plot.

Bit by bit, you will see the rewards for all your endeavors. As you colonize, expand and build upon your civilization from scratch, a soothing sense of catharsis ensues.

Soon enough, a small commune of like-minded folk will evolve into a thriving fiefdom. To fortify the castle, players can defend it by employing skilled archers. But it’s not all about attack and defense.

For instance, Farmers are needed to grow and pick crops, all the while merchants and traders provide streams of revenue for the economy. These elements become even more exciting when partnering up with a friend or an online ally.

The Online Play

The online format adopts a drop-in/drop-out style of play and players can choose between online or local to team up. For the most part, it’s a blast to defend the castle against outside threats.

All in all, there’s a lot of fun to be had as you work unison to repel the risks of the outside world. Likewise, watching your joint-tactics play out is a joy, that is if they go according to plan.

It’s a welcome change, but the main thing is, it doesn’t tarnish the main story and the single-player mode that it’s so famous for giving. Ultimately, the game is strong enough to stand on its own two feet, without the need for coop. So, it’s there as a bonus for those who enjoy the comradery that this format brings to the table.

Kingdom Two Crowns
Kingdom Two Crowns is a fantasy strategy game, which is a third title in the acclaimed Kingdom series. Download it now to enter a beautiful medieval 2D world.
9.5 Total Score
Kingdom Two Crowns Review Summary

In Summary, The critically acclaimed Kingdom saga benefits from the addition of co-op and online play. However, this aspect is not the games distinguishing feature, and the core principles of its micro-management system are as prevalent today as they were when the series first staked its claim on the genre. Meaning, this strategy adventure is still as fun to play locally, as it is online.

  • Grand feudal setting
  • Intensive strategy system
  • Fun cooperative play
  • Often predictable enemy AI
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