Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation

Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation is a simulation of monster control. The game was released by Project Moon in April 2018. The main task of the player is to have numerous vile creatures in a factory so they produce energy. The authors of the game admit that the game’s creatures were inspired by the antagonists of the SCP game series, such as the Polish SCP: Secret Laboratory or SCP – Containment Breach. Other inspirations include the science fiction TV series Warehouse 13 and horror The Cabin in the Woods.

How to Download Lobotomy Corporation Monster Management Simulation

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The Gameplay

In Lobotomy Corporation, you’ll be in the role of a person controlling a power company (which generates a completely new source of energy). To this end, you will imprison all sorts of monsters. Your prisoners will be the ones who will be directly responsible for the production of the energy. You are in charge of the entire power plant. The factory is modeled on a real-world enterprise. As the game progresses and, you will receive further challenges in the form of the possibility of creating new departments, which must be properly managed to increase energy production.

The game offers an extensive storyline. By controlling various characters, you will discover the secrets of the company. You also need to properly manage the company so that it works effectively and no harm happens to anyone or at least only as much harm as it is unavoidable. In your adventure will be accompanied by the charming artificial intelligence Angela and her helpers, in the game called the  Sephirahs (the Sefirot). Each of them is the head of a team (training, security, information, control, central command, disciplinary, welfare, record, and extraction) and all of them are drawn in the style reminiscent of anime. Majority of them are women.

Some of the monsters in your facility have strange skills. One of them is an ability to brainwashing the people. The monstrosities can affect human behavior, and as the owner of the factory, your job is to make sure all is under control. Maintaining the order and continuity of production ensures good results of the power plant and success in the game. Make a note that placing two unlikely species together may result in a war at the workplace.

The game developers do not give any hints on how to act. You are forced to experiment and test different ways to use the monsters. You also need to protect your monsters from each other. You have to be careful, because the monsters can be aggressive towards those who keep them locked up, and being your prisoners they will want to escape. Some of them, called Abnormalities, unfortunately, have the power of a psychological impact on people, which can lead to various kinds of unpleasant situations. You may even be forced to destroy part of the factory to stop the chaos and the spreading evil. So you have to deal with an advanced but bizarre simulation that does not get boring after an hour.

The graphics in Lobotomy Corporation have been carefully made, and the animated models of the abominations make an impression. The eyes, legs, tentacles or teeth of your ugly friend may arouse fear even in the bravest players.

The Hardware Requirements

To run the game, you will need to have an Intel Core i5-3570 processor and have 8 GB of RAM. The hardware requirements are not the lowest, but certainly, the quality of the game makes up for these demands. The game collects very good reviews on Steam.

Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation
Lobotomy Corporation Monster Management Simulation is an extremely interesting simulator of a factory producing alternative energy obtained by holding various terrifying monsters inside. Download the game and discover the secrets of this plant.
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