Might and Magic Heroes VI: Complete Edition

Might and Magic Heroes VI: Complete Edition is the final version of Might and Magic Heroes VI and it includes quite a lot of content. Aside from the main campaigns and scenarios, you also receive the Danse Macabre expansion, Pirates of the Savage Sea and Shades of Darkness. This just makes the game a whole lot better, because you have a great level cap, new items to check out and new classes.

How to Download Might and Magic Heroes VI: Complete Edition

You can download the game either from GOG.com or Steam. If you enjoy HoM&M be sure also to check out and download Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete. The latter game is considered by many the best Heroes game there was.

The Game Review

The campaigns, in particular, are the strength of Might and Magic Heroes VI: Complete Edition. They did a very good job at making them different in style and the stories, albeit quite strange at times, intertwine to bring in a very unexpected twist.

That’s mostly related to the main game. Out of the expansions, Shades of Darkness brings in the best story content and what you can play here is maybe the best thing in the entire series. Even if they bring a dark story about a lord that has to save all his region from the upcoming attacks, it’s said in a very bold and unexpected way. Which does make the game so much better.

We also like the visuals. Might and Magic Heroes VI: Complete Edition comes with a clear improvement over the predecessor. While the Heroes IV style is ditched, the new style is pretty good too. They did remove the animated interior of the castles. For a lot of people, this is a downside, but then again it does make entering a city faster and more convenient.

The factions are great too. Unlike most previous games, they are not a mixed bag. They are unique and you will have no problem distinguishing units from any faction ever again. That’s a good thing and solves some problems from the other games. As for the battles itself, there’s not a lot of new stuff here. Sure, there are new spells and items, but the mechanics are similar.

However, Might and Magic Heroes VI: Complete Edition does suffer from many technical issues. It has a lot of problems when it comes to loading properly and you will encounter issues like your mouse moving around randomly without input. There are also some visual bugs too.

The AI is also quite strange. It can be too powerful at one time and too dumb in the next battle. It’s a bit inconsistent, and that tends to be a problem either on the very low or the very high difficulty levels.

It’s also a bit of a shame that instead of getting skills when you level up you just put skills in a tree. This doesn’t offer the interaction that previous games did, and it’s a bit of a shame honestly.

But despite all of that, Might and Magic Heroes VI: Complete Edition is worth a shot. If you try to play it you will find it to be very fun and exciting, albeit very challenging in some situations. However, if you like turn-based strategies, Might and Magic Heroes VI: Complete Edition is the right game to play!

Might and Magic Heroes VI: Complete Edition
Might and Magic Heroes VI: Complete Edition is a fantasy turn-based strategy. Download it, explore the world of Ashan and fight for dominance.
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Might and Magic Heroes VI: Complete Edition Review Summary

  • A very good story
  • Lots of interesting maps
  • Great town design
  • Very buggy
  • Removed town animations
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