MINImax Tinyverse

While the developers are describing MINImax Tinyverse as a God sim/strategy chess style game. I would say that a quick-paced MOBA is the best way to describe this game. It is currently in early access and it is also completely free to play.

How to Download MINImax Tinyverse

You can download the game from Steam. Click on the Download button below the review.

The Game Review

The setting of the game is very, very charming. It is basically about these two warring factions, but these warring factions are battling it out in an old antique store! It is rather amusing and I love how bright and polished everything is. The different characters (or champions) in the game look great and they each have their own personality that is quite fun.

The two sides that you can play as are The Aillai and The Creaea. Each side has four heroes and various troops that you can use. You also use what are referred to as miracles and these are your skills. The idea of MINImax Tinyverse is that you can jump in and play a match in under 10 minutes, six minutes to be exact with sudden death if things are tied. It is all about quick bursts of fun and I think it manages that quite well.

It is the kind of game that is very easy to get into and to figure out. You summon in your minions to battle for you and you need to take out three towers. The progression is rather interesting and leveling up is very straightforward and easy to get the hang of. I do think that this is a bit simplistic for hardcore MOBA style players though.

Interacting with your troops is interesting as you control a large arm (you are a god in this world) it is easy to interact and use abilities to help out your side of the war. Now, this is a free-to-play game and I have not spent a penny. However, in my research, I have learned that if you do buy the DLC (which is called Ether) that the chances of you losing are very slim.

It is important to note that MINImax Tinyverse is still in early access and over on STEAM they have a lot of interesting plans for the game. I think that the balancing needs some work as there are some situations that can feel rather unfair when the Aillai use their heavy units for example.

As far as MOBA games go, there is certainly some fun to be had here. It is a very simple kind of game and in that regard, I feel it may work better as a mobile game than a PC one. People who have not yet experienced a MOBA though will probably have a great time with this and it could be what gets them into the genre.

In all, I would say that MINImax Tinyverse is worth taking a look at. It is a free game and it is in early access, but you can have fun without spending any money. I am not sure what it is going to be like going forward, but they do seem to have some interesting plans for the game.

MINImax Tinyverse
MINImax Tinyverse is a God game-style MOBA strategy title set in a fantasy world. Download it now and play for free.
8.5 Total Score
MINImax Tinyverse Review Summary

  • The game looks fantastic
  • There is a lot of personality to the characters
  • I like the setting and story of the game
  • It is very easy to get into
  • You can play it without spending any money
  • Not sure in the long run it won’t be pay to win
  • It may be too simple for some
User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)
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