Railway Empire

Railway Empire Railway Empire is a downloadable strategy game in which the player runs a company which deals with the development of railway networks. The title has been created by Gaming Minds studio and released January 26, 2018. During the game, we are to expand and modernize existing networks, build new ones, buy modern locomotives, and develop methods to overcome competition – some of them not quite in line with the law. The devs have experience in creating economic games – they are the creators of Grand Ages: Medieval and Rise of Venice.

How to Download Railway Empire

The game is available for download from digital distribution platforms. You can choose Steam or GOG. To start the download of Railway Empire, click on the Download button at the end of the review. The game is available for Windows and Linux. Nothing is known about the release date of the game for Xbox One and PS4 consoles. There is also no demo version that can be downloaded.

The Game Review

The game begins in 1830 in the United States and goes on for a long period of time until the twentieth century. The player’s task is to direct the company’s activity to create an eponymous railway empire and crush the opponents who pursue the same goal. The game consists of five chapters that require you to complete specific tasks.

You can also play in the campaign or sandbox modes (the latter provides an opportunity to run a company without specific tasks or goals to be pursued). During the game, you have to choose between three modes of difficulty, which differ mainly in the style of construction of railway lines. For example, in the easiest mode, trains on one track can penetrate each other – so there is no need to invest in traffic lights or more tracks.

Railway Empire is an economic strategy game, so during the play, the decisions about the creation of new routes, modernization of existing ones, as well as investing in modern locomotives are very important. An interesting opportunity that the game provides is to take actions to sabotage the competitors, for example, by sending robbers to the opposition’s stockpiles. The player can deal with the transport of goods or mail. He can also invest in passenger lines – the decision depends on the player. In addition, the player has a responsibility to build stations, depots for trains, as well as roofed workshops. Last but not least you should hire competent staff.

The player’s decisions affect the operations of his company and of course the revenue. Larger stations allow more passengers or goods to be taken. More comfortable and faster trains will attract more passengers. Additional income can be gained by investing in the fastest passenger trains  – these allow you to charge higher prices for the rides.

The technological innovations in Railway Empire are divided into five parts and are unlocked as you make progress in the game. At the same time, the course of time changes the economic conditions in the game, forcing changes to the player’s strategy. The need for more investments arises.

Railway Empire is a single-player game, and your rivals are directed by artificial intelligence. It is possible to play with one, two or three opponents. An interesting fact is that despite the possibility of some fraud and sabotage of competition activities, it is impossible to cause train disaster. If there is a train on the track, the other ones will not move.

MadDownload.com in its review gives Railway Empire the score of  9 out of 10. And if you’re a fan of games with trains, you should also check Train Simulator 2018.

Railway Empire
Railway Empire is a computer strategy game in which you build your... railway empire. You will buy locomotives, build railway stations, care for the buildings, factories, and even tourist attractions so that your rail network will attract as many passengers as possible. Download the game today and show what you can do.
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