Train Simulator 2018

Train Simulator 2018 is an unusual downloadable game that introduces the players to the world of trains, railways and gives you the opportunity to feel like a real train driver. The game created by the Dovetail Games studio is already the ninth part of the series of train driving simulators. Such a long history of the game allowed for significant improvements in 2018 edition. A series of new features and corrections have been introduced that make the game more enjoyable.

How to Download Train Simulator 2018

The bundle available on Steam, in addition to the basic version of the game, includes DLC. These are:

  • Train Simulator: DB BR 442, Talent 2 ‘EMU Add-On,
  • Train Simulator: Mittenwaldbahn: Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Innsbruck Route Add-On,
  • Train Simulator: North Wales Coastal Route Add-On,
  • and Train Simulator: Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – San Jose Route Add-On.

The price of the entire Train Simulator 2018 package on Steam is significantly lower if were to buy the Add-Ons separately. To start the download, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

How to Play Train Simulator 2018

The main task of the player is to safely bring the train from point A to point B and perform this task in such a way that the journey goes as planned and is undisturbed. When acting as the engine driver, the player should observe the environment and its details, which will make it easier for him to play at later stages.

When playing as a virtual train driver, you can run many different locomotives, and also help to create an engine, route, landscape or a mission for the players.

What’s New TS 2018?

As was the case with the previous editions of the game, this time you can also upgrade your game to the newest version for free if it happens that you own one of the previous parts of Train Simulator. However, the update will not guarantee that you receive all the possibilities offered by the purchase of the latest version. To see the game in action, watch the trailer of Train Simulator 2018.

In Train Simulator 2018, you will find new trains, such as, for example, Arriva Trains Wales Class 175, Class 221 and Class 158, as well as Pacific Electro-Motive GP38-2 and several others.

The new trains will also follow completely new routes. The developers prepared new parts of the world for you to travel. The driver can choose between such routes as North Wales Coastal: Crewe – Llandudno & Conwy Castle, Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco – San Jose and Mittenwaldbahn: Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Innsbruck.

The Game Mechanics and the Game Modes

The mechanics of the game are not very different from those in the previous editions. There is still the possibility of observing the route from the driver’s perspective (in this way the player can feel as if he was on the train) and from various other perspectives.

The game devs also offer various options when it comes to choosing a game mode. You can choose between Career mode, Quick Drive, and Free Roam. You can also accept challenges, in which the driving conditions are chosen at random. This means that there are many difficulties on the route, such as bad weather conditions.

When it comes to technical matters, the game is still basically the same. The graphics also do not differ from those we have seen, the only differences are in the user interface. All the game fans who have purchased the DLCs for the previous parts do not need to worry about anything. The game is fully compatible with all the add-ons that have already been released, so you can just enjoy the ride. It is worth knowing that Dovetail has also prepared another simulator –  Train Sim World.

Train Simulator 2018
Train Simulator 2018 is a treat for every fan of trains. Get on the road, complete tasks and enjoy the view of the great locomotives. Download this game tonight.
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