Stonehearth is a downloadable indie game that is a real-time sandbox strategy. The player assumes the role of the commander who manages a small group of settlers. Your task is to build a settlement and then expand it in order to transform it into a dynamically developing and vibrant city. Stonehearth is the first released project of Radiant Entertainment studio, created by Canzon brothers. The game developers so far have been known only for the creation of the e-sport tournament of computer games under the name of Evolution Championship Series. Stonehearth is in the early access phase, which means it is unfinished. The title is available on PCs with Windows system.

How to Download Stonehearth

Stonehearth is available on the Steam platform. The game is paid. To begin the download click on the relevant button at the end of the review.

The Story

The game tells the story of settlers who try to tame the land which is full of dangers and create a new home for themselves. The game’s world resembles a medieval fantasy setting. This means that the development of civilization and technology corresponds to what we can expect. Thus various mythical creatures and dangerous animals can be met there on a daily basis. The main tasks faced by the player are:

  • taking care of the needs of the population,
  • gathering resources and food,
  • building fortifications and shelters for the people,
  • and defending the settlement’s inhabitants against dangers.

The Game Mechanics

In terms of mechanics, the game is a bit like Minecraft with elements of economy and strategy. The gameplay is presented from a bird’s eye perspective. The heart and essence of Stonehearth is the expansion of your city. The most important aspect is the population of our settlers. Each of your people has a profession and can gain experience. This will let you promote your subjects to next levels of mastery in their professions.

The developers have implemented in the game several predefined buildings that you can place in your settlement. Nothing, however, prevents you from creating your own structures, shaping them as you like from the available bricks. The authors of the game truly give players a lot of freedom when it comes to the development of the settlement. You are not limited in any way and you can expand your city in any way you like. The style of the game also depends only on your attitude. If you want to resolve all conflicts with brute force, nothing prevents you from making your city a military power and crushing your opponents.

If you have a more peaceful attitude, you can resolve disputes through diplomacy and mediation. The political system of the city-state you rule is also totally up to you. You can create a totalitarian, religious or diplomatic state, or mix these in any proportion. The game also features an extensive combat system reminiscent of this classic RTS games. In addition to the clashes with opposing armies, you will also have to wait for occasional boss fights.

Stonehearth Graphics

Visually, Stonehearth also resembles Minecraft. The world created from cubic colored blocks makes a perfect setting for this advanced strategy game.

Similar games

The game should not be confused with another well-known title with a deceptively similar sounding name – Hearthstone from Blizzard Entertainment. Also, it’s worth to check out castle defense RTS Castle Story, which according to many people, is quite similar to Stonehearth.

Stonehearth is a fantasy game in which you build a settlement and defend it against the invasion of enemies. Download it today and take care of your loyal subjects.
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